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The Best Valentine Box Ever


We’re All Hearts 2
Speaking about love is a strange thing.  Years ago it took many months of being together before anyone ever even hinted at loving someone else. Just blurting out I love you was simply not done.  And when it was finally said, the commitment was true and it was meant for life. Today everyone and their uncle says I love you, not only not meaning it but not even knowing what the words mean.  And commitment?  What is that?  That’s a “C” word and you know that all of the “C” words have disappeared into oblivion from non use.*  Well, here are some boxes that will say it all and you don’t have to murmur a word.

E.  The Undeclared Love Box.  If you’ve never said I love you to her, let this be the way you say it the first time.  It will be a complete surprise. On the outside just a charming Limoges box but when she opens it --a red heart drops from the lid.  A great way to say I love you for the very first time. Retail:  About $159.00.  Our price: $143.90.

F. The Tulip Heart Box.
 A large gold heart, 3 inches, with tulips painted both front and back. Inside, lots of room for personalization if there is a message you want to send.  The clasp, a flower.  Our price: $184.90.

G. The Four Leaf Clover Heart Box.
Want to wish someone well?  This is the box that will do it for you and nary a word need be said.  Inside, painted, Good Luck! The clasp, a flower. Our price: $149.90.

H.  The Doves of Love Heart Box.
 Violets strewn over a white heart with a pair of doves, dimensional, atop the heart. Inside, painted, another violet, and the clasp is twined hearts.  Retail: About $241.00.  Our price: $216.90.

I.  The Daisy Tells All Heart Box. The first petal pulled is, “He loves me”  and the petal, dimensional and removable, with He Loves Me written on it, is enclosed inside the box. The daisy is applied to the box over a bed of painted flowers and there is a colorful butterfly resting on the petals. A delightful way to convey your message of love.  Our price: $249.90.

J. The Heart That Speaks for Itself Box.
 The magenta pansy is certain to get the full attention of the recipient of this lovely piece and the gold heart tells all about the quality of love that is being expressed here.  Your words aren’t always necessary, remember that actions speak louder than words. Inside, painted, multiple pansies and the words I Love You. A flower for the clasp.
Our price: $324.90.

J2. The Young and Gay Heart Box.  Bursting with color  and filled with love this box makes The Perfect Gift for a young girl.  Marguerites in varied colors cover it totally, top and bottom, and inside small golden hearts and “Je t’aime” (I love you) written in gold. The clasp is another Marguerite.  Our price: $249.90  

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