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The Best Valentine Box Ever


We're All Heart(s)
I looked up the definition of love in my huge unabridged Random House Dictionary. I wanted to quote it here. On that large page, in the tiniest possible print, the definition took half a column. There are so many kinds of love, directed at humans and animals, animate and inanimate objects, parental love, sibling love, the love of friends, self love and endless other kinds of love. Real love is lasting, tender, deep and profound, reverent, inspirational, sometimes exciting and sometimes reassuring. That kind of love means putting someone else's needs ahead of your own, giving their wants and needs your first thought; giving of yourself on a constant basis with no expecttion of a return. Think about that. It is an interesting concept, isn't it? We use the word so indescriminately that it has lost it's true meaning. The boxes that follow provide infinite ways to express your love.

A1. The Be My Valentine Box. We're not rushing the season with this box. There's no season for saying this. Ladies welcome this sentiment anytime not just in February.  Shooting stars fill the sky  and there's a Cupid with bow and arrow at the ready aimed at two hearts. Could the intent be any clearer? Yes! Inside it say Be My Valentine!The clasp is twined hearts. Our price: $189.90.

A2.  The Light of My Life Box (A votive candle holder.)  The resemblance between this box and the A1 box is unmistakable and this could be the next box you present the Light of Your Life.  All it needs is a tiny candle placed inside and you will light up her life as well. The cut outs scattered over the box will permit the flame to burn brightly, a meaningful and constant reminder of the warmth of your love.  Our price: $209.90.  

B. The Pink Roses Are For A Young Love Box.
This could be for a new love, for young in age love, for a child's love for its mother or for a new love at any age. It really is quite a comprehensive box. It covers a large area for so small a heart. It is only 2 inches in size. (It has a small price as well.) Delicate in ivory with exquisite pink Dior style roses scattered over it and detailed rose for the clasp with rose leaves inside. Gentle and sweet is what comes to mind looking at it. Our price: $154.90.

C1.  The Lots of Luck with Love Box.  The Heart that brings you lots of luck features a couple of Four Leaf Clovers and a Clover Bloom along with a tiny ladybug.  Another Four Leaf Clover for the clasp and inside, dimensional and removable, another clover leaf and, painted, yet another Four Leaf Clover and a tiny ladybug.  All that good luck in one box.  Our price: $191.90.

D1. The “What You See Inside is What Makes Me Happy”  Box. Open it and what you see inside is YOU!  On the outside, a Sévre blue border with a pink and gold cartouche that frames a tiny bouquet of pink roses and blue forget-me-nots.  Inside, two framed mirrors, one a magnifying mirror with beveled edge.  Your card should read as my quotation above reads.  It is a lovely thought, very sentimental and quite unique.  It has been used before, a long time ago, and that love lasted a lifetime.  Our price: $189.90. A small price to pay for something that will reflect your love always.

D2. The Undeclared Love Valentine Box. A new love and this will be your first Valentine gift to her. Pn the outside it is a delightful little box shaped as an antique rouge pot. But wait! Open it! Inside hangs a tiny gold heart! Your love will come as a surprise and isn't that a wonderful Valentine gift? Ivory with Sevre blue and roses decorate the box and the clasp is a French bow. Retail: About $171.00. Our price: $154.90

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