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Hands Down, The Very Best Kids Box Ever!

When I first saw this box with the chubby little legs and the two tushes sticking up in the air I started to laugh.  Beyond cute.  Adorable and wonderful are really the words that best suit it.  We had it about 6 years ago and I thought then that it was the very best box I had ever seen and, if the truth be told, I really haven’t changed my mind.  We sold them and sold them and sold them and then Chamart ran out of them.  There were no more to be had.  I was so disappointed. I would have run the box forever it was such a delight.  We’ve all seen our own kids doing this sort of thing and to me, the age, perhaps 2 or 3 years old, is the most precious age for little ones.  They are still soft and sweet and full of mischief and they laugh at everything. It is just before they start being influenced by those outside of their sphere, when they are still malleable and full of beans, discovering and loving their world.  A mass of energy and love.  The world hasn’t yet had a chance to imprint them with the not so wonderful things.  They are still God’s little people.  Anyway, recently Chamart moved their showrooms and in the process they went through their entire warehouse.  This treasure was tucked away in a corner just waiting for us and when they called me and told me they had found one more of it — I was thrilled.  Send it ASAP, I said, and they did and here it is.  We have just the one! And if you move fast enough you can be the lucky one that gets it.

Notice how the puppy’s stance repeats the line of the child’s body and the colors that are so marvelous, so exactly right for a little one.  The box is a bit larger than usual because the subject matter required it but from an artistic standpoint it is exactly the right size for this piece.  The figures are large enough to get the kind of detail needed to make this the very best it could be. It measures 4 inches in width and 3 and 3/4 inches in height, just right for for displaying alone if you care to do that.  It will draw attention no matter where you display it. It is that kind of a box.

One and only with no more ever available.  From Chamart.  Our price:$349.90.

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