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Les Grenouilles - Limoges porcelain boxes

Les Grenouilles Extraordinaire

Frogs are not very charming fellows as a rule, and they seem to have been off somewhere else when God was handing out the good looks, so when I saw these in my quest for good-looking grenouilles my instantaneous reaction was; this has got to be as good as it gets for frogs. Then a strange thing happened. The frog boxes were delivered, unpacked and I found myself thinking these were really wonderful pieces. The more I looked, the more I loved them. I am smitten with the Musicians of Mudville. I now think that they are probably some of the best, most imaginative boxes we've ever had. And the Sunday Driver is an absolute charmer. Take a really good look. I think it just might be love at first sight.

Only one set of the following available, then no more:
A. The Musicians of Mudville; These fellows are models of sartorial splendor, ruffled shirt fronts, tail coats, the whole ten yards. they are members of a string quartet, minus one, but I have never heard of a string trio. My Webmaster, an accomplished musician, tells me I am wrong - there is a string trio. It just doesn't consist of these three instruments.

A-1. The Violinist. Heifitz would turn green with envy. This man gets tones Heifitz never heard. He's bowing his violin, the violin case at his feet. Inside, the phrase he is playing. The clasp is an open book of music, you can see the actual written music on the miniscule pages. Retail: Upwards of $255.00. Our price: $216.90.

A-2. The Cellist. This elegant salientiation (frog) is hearing sounds that could have been made by Casals himself. See that faraway look in his eyes and the facial expression. And please notice, he's wearing a turtle neck. An identity crisis, I think. The clasp is a lyre. (Aha, the missing fourth instrument.) Retail: Upwards of $315.00. Our price: $267.90.

A-3. The Bassist. Charlie Mingus was the best of the bass players in my book, but he was jazz and this chap is trying very hard to fit in with a classier musical element, so it couldn't be Charlie. His facial expression says, "Call me Charles, please." But, wait a moment, look a bit closer, you can see that he really is Charlie. No long hair ever wore polka dot pants. Inside, a sixteenth couplet, a G clef for the clasp. Retail: Upwards of $299.00. Our price: $254.90. Parry Vieille is the maker. NEW

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
B. The Prince Who Became a Frog.
In his doublet and britches, a regal cape thrown over his shoulders, sword at his side and crown on his head; he cuts a dashing figure. Inside, a couple of lily pads, although he's rather over-dressed for lily pad sitting. The clasp is a crown. (Try saying that quickly.) Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: Reduced $122.90.
Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
C. Le Grenouille Ordinaire. It's not very nice to call someone ordinary but this little guy certainly doesn't swim in the same pond that the rest of these gentlemen do. He's a little guy in a big pond, like most of us. He's called a green frog because of his color and the color is there because he hangs around greenery a lot. Did you know that frogs cannot live underwater excepting for one breed which is thought to be extinct? They must have air to breathe. They breathe through their skin, by osmosis, as well as lungs and mouth. I also learned that they are carnivorous. Retail: Upwards of $131.00 Our price: Best Buy at $79.90.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
D. The Sunday Driver. Talk about whimsical, this has got to be the most enchanting box of all time. Monsieur Le Grenouille, in his polka dot trousers out for a drive on his favorite steed, Monsieur L'Escargot. Notice the facial expression, wonderful! I become more smitten with these little fellows every time I look at them, which is often. Having these around is like living in the Enchanted Cottage, a fairy tale to enjoy with just a glance. Inside, a dimensional leaf. Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: Reduced $122.90.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
E. Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee. Monsieur Le Grenouille, sitting on his luggage, shaded by a scalloped and striped umbrella, all of this taking place on a lily pad. I can hear the band playing in the background, the slide trombones glissing the way they do when they play "Dixieland". Down by the bayou you hear a lot of that. That's all my imagination. The truth is, he's waiting for his ride to Paris, because inside the box is his "ride" and a signpost that says, "Paris 500km". Retail: Upwards of $229.00. Our price: Reduced $132.90.

More about frogs: The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs

Note: The three musicians together make the most marvelous grouping. And if it should happen that you should like to buy all three, email Elayne and we will provide you with an additional discount.

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