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limoges porcelain boxes

The Best Rose Boxes Ever.   Made by hand, these roses are simply the finest I have ever seen reproduced in porcelain.  For any lover of roses or avid gardener, these boxes are a true find. The coloring of the flowers and their greenery, in relief, will become the focal point of your garden boxes.  The boxes are a simple round with a bit of shaping in the base.  Inside in gold,the registered name of the rose and the clasp, a spray of roses. A Limited Edition of 150 for each bloom.  Our price for each: $394.90. From Chamart, of course. 

A. The Black Magic Rose Box.  .A prize winner in 2005, this exquisite rose and it’s greenery is captured perfectly in this box. Inside the name of the rose, Black Magic, and a line drawing of the rose in gold.

B. The Change of Heart Rose Box. Tipped in pale pink this deep pink rose is aptly named deepening in color from petal edge to base. Along with the main bloom is an opening bud and the appropriate greenery. Inside, the name of the rose, Changing Heart, and a line drawing of the rose in gold.

C. The Double Delight Rose Box. A long ago prize winner, in the 1970’s, and still my own personal favorite among all roses. In our last garden we gave the entire rose bed over to this deep red tipped yellow rose and when they were in bloom it was a sight to see. Still one of the most beautiful roses ever developed!  Done in relief with an opening bud and lots of greenery.  Inside, Double Delight, and a line drawing of the rose in gold.

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