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How Does Your Garden Grow (4)

This year, in California, we have had unusually cold weather along with buckets of rain and although I don't love this kind of weather it does bring something good with it.  It means that the bulbs planted earlier in the fall will bloom prolifically and the rain, which is the only thing that really provides deep, deep watering, will insure that the garden will be a mass of color as soon as the weather turns warm.   That makes it all worth while insofar as I am concerned.  Nothing delights me more than a garden filled with color!  

U.  The Autumn Box.
 Part of a seasonal series that Chamart has done, a gold oval with exquisitely painted fall leaves in all their brilliant color on the base. Clustered atop the box, dimensional Oak leaves, acorns attached, and a few fall flowers in red and gold.  Just as it would be if you were cutting some blooms for an arrangement for your den or living room. Inside, painted, fall leaves and the word Autumn.  The clasp is a basket of blooms.  Our price: $294.90.  New

The Window Box Collection.
These flowers are all hand made and placed in the box by hand by a gentleman who has been making these boxes for many, many years for Chamart.  They are limited editions of only 250 each because making them by hand of necessity limits the output.

V.  The Lilies of the Valley Window Box.  Delicate and beautiful to look at, Lilies of the Valley are among my very favorite flowers in a garden.  They have the most delightful scent and if they are planted in profusion the scent lingers in the air around them. These, as the others in this group, are all hand made and are number 26 of a Limited Edition of 250.  Remember, this is a Chamart piece and their Limited Editions are just that, limited.  Our price: $274.90

W1.  The Iris Window Box.
A bevy of blooming Iris and at their base Petunias showing their pretty faces.  Our price: $274.90.  

W2.  The Window Box filled With Orchids.  Anew floral display as only Chamart can do it.  These gorgeous pale lavendery pink orchids are simply beautiful.  The first of this particular flower that Chamart has ever done.  The details of how these boxes are made are above, and quite interesting.  They are completely hand formed and planted by hand in the box.  Lovely, aren’t they?   Inside  a tiny orchid, painted and the clasp a golden butterfly. Our price: $274.90  As with all of these boxes this is a limited edition of only 250 pieces

X.  The Spring Watering Can Box.  
Colorful Ranunculas, Anenomes, Marguerites all bordering the can with a garden glove, dimensional, left on top of the can for a moment.  Inside, the bane of gardeners, a snail, dimensional!  The clasp is another watering can filled with gardening tools.  Our price: $194.90.  

Y.  The Wearable Egg Box.
 A piece of jewelry in Limoges! This is a first!!!!  From Chamart comes a small egg completely covered in flowers, all done in heavy enameling so the egg has texture. At the base of the egg, a bale! so the egg can be worn on a ribbon,  a silk cord which is included, or a gold chain.  It opens, just the way our boxes always do. A flower for the clasp.
Our price: $227.90.  New

Z.  The Coloring of Summer Box.  A display of several different flowers in full bloom at the height of your summer garden.  On a gold ground with the greenery hand painted and the entire floral display all in relief.  Inside several flowers, painted and the clasp  another flower.  Our price: $294.90.

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