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How Does Your Garden Grow 3
One of the wonderful things about a garden is the feeling of satisfaction you get each time you look at it. No matter how hard you labored getting those new annuals in, no matter the time spent pruning and feeding, no matter your back almost gave out from bending for hours or the stiffness of your knees as the result of a weeding session, all of that means nothing when everything bursts into bloom and the garden becomes alive with color. I have often thought that it must be similar to what an artist feels when he completes a painting and when I read "Vermeer" not long ago, I realized that it was the act of creating beauty that was the same.

N. The Blooming Mail Box. At the foot of the front garden, right off the walk, stands this charming mailbox, covered with varied very colorful blooms and at it's base a bevy of roses. The flowers look so real that the birds have come to visit. We have had mailboxes from time to time but this is the prettiest one we've ever had. It is so colorful that I find myself thinking, I wish I had a life size one that was as pretty as this one is. The clasp is very simple, much like a real mailbox clasp and inside nary a note. Guess the mail hasn't come yet. Our price: $239.90. Just arrived.

O1.  The Pot of Daffodils and Crocus Box.  The weather this spring has been so cold and so wet that I haven’t spent much time planting in the garden or potting for the patios. To remedy this I took myself off to the nursery yesterday to see what I could find to brighten things up a bit and I made a marvelous find!  Pots of bulbs in full bloom!  Here a center of Daffodils and Crocus grouped around them. The coloring is lovely, the bright yellow of the “daffs” and the deep purple of the crocus do so well together.  Several pots of these really brightened things up a lot. Inside the pot/box a line drawing of a watering can and the clasp is a spray of blooms.  Our price: $184.90.

O2. The Pot of Hyacinths Box.  I really look forward to hyacinths in the spring.  They are such extraordinary blooms. Dozens of tiny blossoms form each bloom and provide so much color along with the most delicate scent that seems to float on the air.  They are a great favorite of mine. I have always wished that they would last a bit longer. This pot seems to be the answer to my wish!  Five multicolored hyacinths that require no care and they will last forever. Inside a line drawing of a plant and the clasp another flower.  Our price: $184.90.

Butterflies, Nature's Gift to The Garden.
Did you know that there are plants that will attract butterflies specifically? Your nursery can tell you which are known for that.
P1. The Butterfly Box. An azure blue ground and leafy tree branches on the base of the box and a fully opened sunny yellow flower on the lid which the butterfly is visiting. The ground color is shaded so that it looks almost like sky with wispy clouds floating on it. The Butterfly is gold with wings touched with a soft grey. The clasp is a flower and inside the box is nothing. The box is 1.25 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches high. Our price: $167.90. Just arrived.

P2. The Petit Bleu Papillon Box. A tiny blue butterfly has come to rest on a cushioned garden seat. Around the base of the box is a flower border and the clasp is another flower. Inside, a leaf. The box is very tiny, 1 inch by .75 of an inch and the butterfly stands 1.75 inches high. Retail: About $145.00. Our price: $130.90. Just arrived.

Q. The Pansy Bed Box. Chock full of sweet faced pansies, this delightful little box is so colorful that it will brighten any collection of boxes. Around the base of the planter are more pansies and inside the box, still more. The clasp is several tulips just opened. If you look at it closely you will see that it is very intricate. It is a new clasp that we have not seen before. Of course, this box has not been done before, either. Retail: $175.00. Our price:$157.90. NEW a box to make you smile.

R. The Newest Gardener's Must Have Bag -- in the Round Box. Is this wonderful or what?  It has pockets all around the base inside of which you will find a spade, garden ties, a packet of aster seeds and a weeder, all dimensional.  The open top of the Bag holds a large hedge clipper that works well for larger shrubs and reaching high spots on climbers and the like.  Inside the box another packet of seeds, this time daisies, dimensional and removable.  A boon to all gardeners!   Retail: About $249.00.  Our price: $224.90. Just arrived -- What garden lover wouldn't like to own this box!!!

T.  The Pot of Red Tulips Box.  Looking ahead to spring is something all gardeners do in the fall.  It is the time to plant bulbs for early spring blooms and nothing in the garden is as showy as large bulb plantings in the early spring.  There is a home here, in Malibu, on a hillside and the entire hill is covered with bulbs in bloom every spring.  It is one of the most beautiful things to see.  The gardener is a woman who has been planting this hillside for years and now has literally thousands of bulbs planted that drift down the hill in the most spectacular fashion.
Several years ago the Los Angeles Times did a whole spread on it and the photographs were breathtaking!  

This little pot of tulips is a reminder of what’s ahead after the long winter days.  The box is very tiny, 1 3/8 inches across and 1.75 inches tall.  There are five red and yellow tulips in the pot, just enough to give you spot of color on a dull wintry day.  Inside, a minute tulip, painted, and the clasp is another tulip.  Our price: $192.90.

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