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How Does Your Garden Grow 2
I am hard put to name a really favorite plant or tree, I love so many of them, I have a beautiful small flowering Crab Apple Tree that I just love with it's deep winy blooms lining the limbs and then the marvelous winy red leaves mixed with green. And I am wild about bulbs of all sorts but they don't last very long and when I cut them for the house I always feel that the plant's labor for the year is gone in a few days and I hate that feeling. So I guess my real all time favorites are Roses because they bloom so prolifically and really require so little care for all that they give in return. For nine months of the year they bloom continuously giving me dozens and dozens of flowers for the house and no sooner than I cut some off the bush, within days new buds appear. And truly, what is more beautiful than a Rose?

H. The Single Pale Pink Rose Box. One perfect porcelain Rose surrounded by many hued Anenomes.The ground of the box is a pale lavender pink ribbed with gold. Inside a gold detail and the clasp, an Anenome. A limited edition of only 200 boxes. Our price: $324.90. NEW

I  The One Perfect Pansy Box.  A gold oval with a scattering of falling leaves and One Perfect Pansy in shades of pale lavender edged in deepest purple with a smattering of pink petals.  The Pansy is very delicate, almost tissue paper thin, obviously made apart from the box and then applied to it.  A visitor is resting on one of the petals -- a dimensional ladybug!  A tiny colorful butterfly, painted, flying just over the surface of the box.  This is one of the loveliest flower boxes we've had in a long while.  You can almost smell the heavenly scent that floats above a bed of pansies.  The clasp, a bee.  Our price: $274.90.

J. The Pink Rose and Lily of the Valley Box. A heart shaped box with a perfect pink Rose and it's greenery, dimensional, against a white ground covered with sprays of Lily of The Valley and touched with the blue Hardenbergia, painted. Inside a pink ribbon bow and the clasp, another bow. Our price: $249.90.

K.  The Japanese Bridge and Water Garden Box.  Inspired by  a Monet painting of the Giverny water garden with its Japanese Bridge, this lovely box has a geisha with her open parasol walking across it, colorful blooms at its base and the water painted so well that one can see through the water to the bed of the stream. The artist  has used translucent enamel with several layers of paint beneath it to give the appearance of looking through the crystal clear water to the base of the pond.  Inside, a water lily wth a dragon fly hovering over it, painted.  The clasp, a geisha with open parasol.  Retail: About $329.00.  Our price: $294.90.

K 1.  The Wld Roses and Star Flower Box. When these flowers bloom you know spring can't be far behind.  For those of you living in the colder climes a box like this can give you hope that better weather is coming soon.  The box is brilliant finish gold painted with strappy leaves and delicate Lilies of the Valley topped with Wild Roses and delicate Star Flowers done dimensionally. Another of Chamart's lovely flower boxes.  Our price: $294.90.

L. The Garden Gazebo Box.  A handsome garden gazebo with climbers and potted plants of all sorts displayed.  Inside, dimensional and removable, a pot overflowing with the most colorful blooms.  Perfect for summer and perfect for an avid gardener!  Retail:  About $195.00.  Our price: $175.90.

M.  The Delicate Blue and Yellow Butterfly Box.   If you love butterflies then this is one of the prettiest I have seen.  A small, 1.25 inch in diameter, box in a very soft blue the base of the box covered with trailing vines lade with deep pink flowers.  The lid of the box had one large pink flower, painted, and on it rests an exquisite pale blue butterfly with yellow and pink markings on it's wings.  So, so pretty.  Inside, one flower, another for the clasp.  Our price: $167.90.  New

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