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France Architecturally 2

F. Looking at Versailles Through The Eyes of an Artist. Because Versailles is such a huge
chateau it is next to impossible to make a figural box that would show the details of it. There are literally hundreds of statues that are placed on the roof line and ledges of the palace and without those it wouldn't be Versailles. Instead two paintings on easels have been done, one of the palace itself and the other of a portion of the gardens. Built by Louis XIV, over the years Versailles was added to and embellished by the ccupants repeatedly. On the grounds are Le Petit Trianon built by Louis XV and later enjoyed by Maria Antoinette when she was married to Louis XVI, Le Grand Trianon, built by Louis XIV as a refuge from court life and where he kept Madam de Maintenon ensconced. There is also a Belvedere, a Colonnade, a Temple of Love and literally hundreds of statues that are displayed as part of the magnificent landscaping. The landscaping itself includes a waterway called The Grand Canal on which Louis had his boating parties, numerous fountains, several smaller pools that are called Water Parterres, and approximately 20 separate sections done in different themes with appropriate statuary. Louis XIV contributed more to establishing France as the center of the artistic world than any other monarch. He made the grounds of Versailles into the largest sculpture garden in the world displaying 286 works. NOTE: Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lived at Versailles from 1774 to 1793. It was from Versailles that they were taken to Paris, during the French Revolution, and ultimately both beheaded.

F1. Versailles on an Easel Box. This is a painter's portable easel with all of his working tools inside the box and with 2 dimensional and removable tubes of paint. On top of the box, the palette. Retail: About $315.00. Our price: $283.90.

F2. Versailles Gardens on an Easel Box. This is a tripod easel with paint box and palette holder. Inside, 2 tubes of paint, dimensional and removable. Retail: About $335.00. Our price: $302.90.

G. The Notre Dame Cathedral Box.
There are several versions of Notre Dame in Limoges porcelain but in my opinion this is the one that is most faithful to this incredibly beautiful structure.
Notre Dame, built on the site of a Roman temple, stands on the Ile de Cité, an island in the River Seine. Immediately in front of it is Point Zero, the mark from which all distances in France are measured. (That tells you just how important the French consider Notre Dame.) It was started in 1163 and took 170 years to complete. An army of medieval architects and craftsmen worked on it over the years and the result is what you see today, an exquisitely wrought architectural masterpiece. It's Rose Windows are renowned the world over. The magnificent flying buttresses are rivaled only by those of Westminster in London. The main entrance facade is galleried with statues of the 28 Kings of Judah. The architectural details are endless and to see it is to stand in absolute awe of those who created this monument to God. The bell towers have actual tiny gold bells that move and both are hinged making this a double hinged box. The clasps are replicas of a stained glass window. Retail: About $213.00. Our price: $192.90. Return Engagement

NOTE: If you are interested in the Gardens and Sculptures of Versailles there is a magnificent book that displays and details every single piece in the gardens and the gardens themselves. "Versailles Gardens. Sculpture and Mythology" by Jacques Girard. It is the sequel to "Versailles" by Gèrald Van der Kemp and together these two books document Versailles in it's entirety. Not to be missed if France is a passion for you.

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