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Food As An Art Form 7

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Over the years since the inception of this catalog Limoges boxes have become more and more sophisticated.  In the beginning, food boxes were a carrot, an apple, a tomato and other similar fruits and veggies but they were simplistic miniatures of the real thing.  They were not imaginative, they were not varied, all of the many makers -- and there were many in the early years, did the same boxes with only the slightest differences. As time went on a few of the Importers demanded more innovative boxes and so changes were made and the boxes started to become more detailed and more interesting.  But, the French, as always, think that only they know what is best and so they continued doing the same boxes over and over and over with only the slightest changes.  

Within the last few years one company has come to the fore with some of the most beautiful and imaginative boxes that we have ever seen.  Chamart has taken the lead and created boxes in the Food category that surpass any we have had before The topics may be the same but the innovative approach to their design is remarkable.  I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoy presenting something so new, so different and so beautifully done.    

All of these boxes are Atelier Chamart, hand fashioned and all are Limited Editions of 150 pieces each.

Z.  The Wonderful Wicker Basket Veggie Boxes.  
Realistically yet artistically created these outstandingly beautiful boxes are filled with detail.  Every twist of the wicker can be seen and felt as well as each detail of the veggies displayed.

Z1.  The Wonderful Wicker Basket Filled With Eggplants and Leeks Box. Realistic yet artistically created this lovely piece of Limoges is outstanding in the detail it displays.  Each leek is so perfect that you can see where it was taken from the ground and if you touch them you can feel the torn roots.  The eggplants  are shaped and colored to perfection and the texture of the basket which holds them can both be seen and felt. Nothing inside and the clasp is an open pea pod with the peas in it.  Our price: $394.90

Z2.  The Wonderful Wicker Basket Filled With Artichokes and Fresh Picked Corn Box. The only thing left to the imagination here is the melting butter and the steam coming off the hot corn.  You can see and feel every kernel of the corn as well as every leaf on the ‘chokes. Since I love both of these vegetables the box is mouthwatering to me. A cold artichoke leaf dipped in warm melted butter is divine!  And what is better than steaming hot corn just dripping with butter and lots of seasoning!  Yummmm! Inside -- nothing and the clasp an open pea pod with the peas in it.  Our price:  $394.90.

Z3.  The Wonderful Wicker Basket Filled With Fresh Asparagus Box. My very favorite vegetable!  Each spring when the first asparagus arrive in the market I purchase several bunches, take them home and immediately rinse them, break them and cook them in boiling water for just a few minutes because I like them firm for dipping in a marvelous dressing that I found many years ago in the first of “The Silver Palate Cook Books” by Sheila Lukens and Julee Russo. The moment they are ready to be taken from the water I throw them into a bowl of ice water to set the color -- that wonderful fresh green --  and then an hour or two later, when they are cold, I gorge myself on them dipping each one into the dressing I have made while they are cooling. Delectable! Delicious! A rite I have looked forward to every year since 1982 when this cook book was first published.  I also often will serve them as h’ors d’oeuvres for dinner guests during the brief time they are in season.  The cook book is still available I believe but if you want to try this let me know and I will send you the recipe and the instructions for cooking.  
Back to the box!  These gorgeous asparagus are tied with a deep pink ribbon all ready to be served. They are in deep relief and placed on a bed of greens. Dainty and delicate they really look good enough to eat!  Our price: $394.90.

Z4.  The Wonderful Wicker Basket Filled With Heads of Butter Lettuce and Red and Green Tomatoes Box.  The tomatoes still have their stems so you know they are right from the vine and what tastes better than a freshly picked tomato?  I love the way they smell when they are first picked.  All in relief and the lettuce just as crisp and leafy green as can be.  Nothing inside and a pea pod filled with peas for the clasp.  Our price: $394.90.

Z5.  The Wonderful Wicker Basket Filled With Carrots and Radishes Box.  And here are the rest of your salad veggies.
Just picked, they are crisp and firm and ready to be washed and eaten.  Your salad tonight will be marvelously fresh!  Can you imagine finding veggies are fresh and perfect looking as these are in your market?  Unfortunately not the way they handle food today in this country.  This can be a reminder of what they really should look like when you purchase them  Inside nothing and the clasp is a pea pod filled with peas.  Our price: $394.90.

Z6.  The Wonderful Wicker Basket of Summer Squash and Cucumber Box.  Just as all of the previous boxes in this group, the detail is exquisitely done and the veggies look good enough to eat. Just picked squash and cukes, one sliced open for you to see the inside of it -- even the tiny seeds are shown.  Get out your salad bowl because here are all the makings for a wonderful summer salad.  Beneath the veggies -- their greenery -- painted.  Nothing of import inside and the clasp is a pod of peas.  Our price:  $394.90.

Note: A word of warning: These are not to be eaten --as good as they look they are still porcelain. This entire group of boxes are all Limited Editions of 150 pieces and when Chamart says Limited I can tell you that they mean exactly that. There are two companies whose word I accept about Limited Editions and Chamart is one of them.

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