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Food As An Art Form 6

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Over the years we have not had many whimsical food boxes.  Somehow I do not think of food as whimsical but the French see it differently than I do and when it comes to food they are the authorities, certainly I am not, although in my defense I have to say that I have been eating for 82 years now so I should know something about food. In any case, for your pleasure we present here two Whimsical Roosters serving up variations on Egg dishes and two Fruits that are anything but what they seem along with a couple of  new dessert boxes.

W.  The Waiters Who Served the Freshest Eggs Boxes.  The detail on these
boxes is not just amusing but is very well done.  From their chef’s hats,bow ties and aprons to their marvelous red coats they certainly look like the professionals they are at serving up eggs.  Who better than they to do it?

W 1.  Two Orders of Three Minute Eggs Coming Up Box. Our price: $274.90.
W 2.  Two Orders of Eggs Benedict Coming Up Box.
Our price: $274.90.

X.  The Apple and Pear That Smell As Good As They Taste Boxes.  
Two simple fruits that are waiting to be filled with the perfume of the blossoms from which they stem.  Each is a Perfume Flacon masquerading as a fruit.  The blossoms  form lids that raise and the fruits hold the scent. The lids are hinged but also are attached by very fine golden chains. Both boxes have flowers as the clasp.

X 1.  The Apple Blossom Perfume Box.    Our price: $249.90.
X 2.  The Pear Blossom Perfume Box.  
Our price: $249.90.

Y.  The “Just Desserts” Boxes.  
The expression “He got his just desserts” has always implied punishment.  Here I am using it with only the exact meaning of the words, no implications intended.  Two Dessert Boxes that look good enough to eat!

Y 1.  The Donut Box.  Filled with a half dozen dimensional frosted donuts in various flavors, two of which are removable. Delicious looking, aren’t they.  They are a weakness of mine.  I once ate a box of 6 of them in the course of a day. The caloric intake was horrendous. It showed on the scale so I never did that again. These contain zero calories.  Included is a paper for handling them with an eye for hygiene.  Retail: About $215.00.  Our price: $193.90.

Y 2.  The Dessert Tray Box.  
If you are a chocoholic then this is for you!  An Eclair, a Profiterole, a Chocolate Layer Cake covered with Fresh Strawberries  and a Cherry Cheese Cake with grated chocolate topping.  You’ll think that you’ve died and gone to heaven.  Inside, a line drawing of two cups of coffee and the clasp is a spoon.  Our price: $189.90.

All except one of the boxes above are from Chamart.

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