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Food as An Art Form 3

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As I write, in front of me on my desk is a group of boxes that look good enough to eat. They are all succulent looking fruits and are alive with color. Several of them them are brand new boxes being shown for the very first time. Others of them are new to the catalog but you may be familiar with them. It has been a long while since we have had any substantial display of fruits but I think that perhaps it is time to introduce those among you who are new to collecting to the beauty of porcelain fruits. These make a marvelous kitchen display and if you are fortunate enough to have a bay window or a garden window in your kitchen then that would be the perfect place for these boxes. I have corner shelves on three end cabinets and mixed with greens in tall bud vases they display beautifully on these shelves.

R.  Strawberries in the Field Box.  Strawberries grow on a creeper that, in California, is often used as a ground cover.  The leaves are attractive and the berries are a bonus!  Here the creeper; leaves, blossoms and berries.  Aren’t those brilliant red berries luscious looking?  We get them so fresh, at their very peak.  There is just nothing like a freshly picked strawberry! They are best eaten immediately after picking, just wash gently, pat dry and serve with heavy sour cream sweetened with brown sugar.  Dip the berry into it and ENJOY!  Our price: $384.90.  This is a Limited Edition of only 150 pieces from Atelier Chamart.

S.The Apple and Almond Box. DEEElicious!  Oops, no it is not!  It is a Granny Smith Apple. Delicious apples are not green.  This one has a segment removed, ostensibly eaten already, an almond on the plate next to it and the plate itself has a green apple, an eaten apple core and bits of the almond shell all painted on the plate.  Lots of detail to this box.  The plate itself is scalloped and on either side a scallop is cut for use as a handle. Inside more almond shells and the clasp is a spoon. Delightful!  Delicious!  Delovely! (That's the title of an old, old song from the 1930's as I recall.)  Retail: About $274.00.  Our price: $246.90.

T.  The Wicker Basket of Strawberries Box.  A square basket piled high with just picked strawberries, brilliant red in color and their greens still crisp.  The basket handle is braided metal and the clasp is another basket of berries.  Inside, painted, a sign with the price of the just picked berries, and a tiny berry, dimensional and removable. This is a PV box that my vendor was able to get when PV closed down. Retail: About $175.00.  Our price: $157.90.  

U. The Strawberry Tart Box. The berries from the basket have ended up, some of them, in this Glazed Strawberry Tart. I'll bet it is filled with a vanilla custard or maybe with whipped cream. Yummmm! It looks good enough to eat!! Don't you just love spring when the first strawberries arrive. Here in Southern California all of the farmers markets always have freshly picked strawberries and I never can resist them. They are grown in Camarillo which is just a few miles northwest of Los Angeles, there you can drive for miles and see them growing in the fields. In the early spring it is fun to drive out and get them at the roadside stands that all of the growers have. If you get there early in the morning the berries have just been picked and you don't know what heaven is if you haven't had a "just picked" strawberry. Our price: $166.90. Best Buy at $94.90.

V.  The Colander Filled With Freshly Washed Grapes Box.
Bunches of purple. yellow and red grapes, perfectly formed and so fresh that they are still intact with no grapes having fallen from the clusters.  In the market, if you are fortunate enough to see Chilean grapes, this is how they will look. Each grape will be a perfect orb and the bunch will be intact.  That is because they are so fresh and harvested at exactly the right time and because they are not grown using chemicals to preserve them for a longer shelf life.  Much better tasting than American grown grapes.  As much as I don’t like having to say that it is, nevertheless, the truth.

Our box has the grapes in a Colander already washed and draining dry.  The Colander has some grape leaves painted on it and inside is another bunch of grapes, dimensional and removable.  The clasp, another bunch of grapes. Our price: $324.90.

W1. The Peach Blossom Box.  
The leaves of the tree,a cluster of beautiful white blossoms touched with pale pink and the rosy peaches hanging from the branch as if it was just taken from the tree.  Another of the new Limited Edition fruit series from Atelier Chamart.  Inside, the leaves of the tree, painted, and the clasp a basket of fruit.  Our price: $384.90.  This Edition is Limited to 150 pieces.

WW 2.  The Cherry Blossom Box.  As I write this it is February but in two months the cherry blossoms will be in bloom again and then come the cherries.  Have you ever had fresh cherries, just picked?  To die for!  They are so sweet, so succulent and so delicious you cannot imagine.  They may look similar but they bear very little relationship to the cherries you find in the markets today.  They just burst with flavor when you bite into them.  You can see, the cherries on this box look like what I have just described.  They are ready to be picked right this instant.  And if you have never seen a cherry blossom, they look  much as these do.  Imagine what it looks like when an entire tree is covered with these blossoms.   It is like a cloud of pale pink scented ever so sweetly. That’s why the cherry trees in Washington, DC are such a huge tourist attraction.  The sight and the scent are overwhelming because the banks of the Potomac River are lined with them.  These cherries are sitting on a wicker basket with the cherries, the blossoms and the leaves all in relief. the back ground is painted.  Inside, a sprig of cherries, painted in gold and the clasp, a basket of fruit.  A Limited Edition of only 150 pieces.  Our price: $384.90.

My very favorite way to eat strawberries:
A bowl of heavy sour cream, brown sugar to taste, just sprinkle it on the cream and it will dissolve by itself, berries with the stems still on, as many as you can eat, and dip the berries into the cream YUMMMMMM! Great for company as well, each thing served individually to each guest or serve it family style.

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