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“It’s Spring Again, Birds on the Wing Again” and here in California the high deserts are in full bloom with California Poppies and other wild flowers carpeting the fields.  A beautiful sight to see and an event that many Californians look forward to seeing each year. The color is magnificent!  Acres and acres of brilliant yellow, orange, purple and hundreds of shades of green.  On Easter Sunday we drove out to a friends home for the day and the Santa Clarita Mountains were bathed in color.  The normal dun shade, from lack of rain, was gone and in it’s place,  a display that was a show stopper!  Traffic crawled along as everyone gazed open mouthed at the, literally, hundreds of shades of green covering the mountains and hillsides and the fields below them  alive with color. It remains this way only for a few weeks and then it is gone for the year.  We are intending to drive out and see it once again each taking a picnic basket with us and we will spend the day enjoying the awe inspiring beauty that is part of California living.

A. Kris’ Picnic Basket Box. A cylindrical box with an over-the-shoulder leather carrying strap, wicker trimmed in leather. Inside, against a yellow ground, 2 plates with brilliantly hued roosters on pale blue grounds edged in yellow, deep blue napkins with rings, a knife, a spoon and a fork all dimensional and removable. Retail: About $220.00.  Our price: $198.90.

B. Rosemary’s Picnic Basket Box.  
They live at the beach so naturally their basket is a  “She sells sea shells at the seashore”  kind of thing.  A rectangular wicker basket with a beachscape painted on the lid, opening to a deep blue fabric interior filled with 2 dishes in light blue decorated with star fish and clam shells.  Two cups to match and napkins in brilliant red with gold rings, all dimensional and removable.  Retail:  About $275.00.  Our price: $248.90.

C.  Kathy’s Picnic Basket Box.
A wicker hatbox with leather trim, lined in a winey red fabric with elegant Limoges plates edged in the winey red of the lining decorated with hand painted roses in the center of each plate.  White damask napkins, gold napkin rings and spoons to match.  Elegant is the word! She is an interior designer so that explains the elegance at such a price. Retail:  About $197.00.  Our price: $177.90.

D.  Elayne’s Picnic Basket Box.  
I love al fresco dining so when it comes to picnics I have an open wicker basket with handle, lined with a blue and white checked napkin and filled with a bottle of red wine, a loaf of French bread, a wheel of Camembert and a roasted chicken!  I am more interested in the food than I am in the carrying case.  In the box itself, beneath the basket, the napkins in pale blue, painted.  Our price: $244.90.

E. MT’s Picnic Basket Box. Recently good friends acquired a new boat and I wanted to give them a gift that would be both useful and special.  What I found was this picnic basket -- and they loved it.  it was red, white and blue, the very colors they had chosen for salon decor and they had named the boat Stars and Stripes Forever.  This box, by the way, is the last of it’s kind.  From Rochard and they have closed down.  Retail:  About $271.00.  Our price: $243.90.

NOTE: That first line “It’s Spring again, birds on the wing again”  is quoted from a lyric of one of my favorite old Sinatra ballads.

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