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The "Not For Easter Only" Collection One of my pet peeves is buying something that is pertinent only briefly. It irritates me to purchase something beautiful that has a lifespan of only a few days a year, like Christmas ornaments and St Paddy's day pieces and Easter pieces. I often change accessories in my home, rotating things to give rooms a fresh new look every now and again. I don't like things to be static but I also don't care for having something that I really enjoy sitting in a cabinet or box where I can't see it just because it is involved with a specific occasion or date. With that in my mind I went shopping for Easter boxes. What I found was a wonderful group of boxes that are "Eastery" but not limited to Easter. The rule here was, they have to have the right feeling but they also have to be wonderful at any time of the year. Not easy to find, but find them I did. Color and joyousness is what makes them appropriate. My hope is that you will enjoy them as I have.

A.The Egg That Wore a Sky Blue Bow.  
We've had several of this sort of egg in prior years and this year I found a new one that I think is just charming. It has colorful tulips rampant on a white ground, a sky blue bow topping it. Inside, a tiny white rabbit, one inch from nose tip to tail tip, dimensional and removable; the clasp another tulip.  Our price: $174.90.

B. The EggThat Wore a White Ribbon Bow. Covered with roses and ever so pretty. It comes with a surprise inside , a tiny robin's nest with 3 pale blue speckled eggs in it. The clasp is a ribbon bow as well. Our price: $162.90.

C. The Beautiful Butterfly Egg Box.
A simple white ground egg with the loveliest butterflies and flowers decorating it. The butterflies are so delicately painted that they are almost transparent. What struck me was the unusual delicacy of the painting and the perfect choice of colors. These are from a very old atelier but new to us and to the United States. Ours Alone: $134.90.   Beautiful no matter what the occasion.

D.The Wearable Easter Egg Box.
 A piece of jewelry in Limoges! This is a first!!  From Chamart comes a small egg completely covered in flowers, all done in heavy enameling so the egg has texture. At the base of the egg, a bale! so the egg can be worn on a ribbon, a silk cord which is included, or a gold chain.  It opens, just the way our boxes always do. A flower for the clasp. Our price: $227.90.  First Appearance!

E. The Rabbit Who Resigned His Job Box.
He kind of reminds me of Bugs Bunny, falling asleep in a hammock on The Big Day is the kind of thing he might do, he's such a contrary soul. In any case, this little guy fell asleep while reading -- a Beatrix Potter novel no doubt -- and is now about as relaxed as a rabbit gets. He's out on the back lawn snoozing away the afternoon. No getting dressed up like the Easter Bunny for him. Around the base of the hammock, strawberry blossoms. Think how convenient it will be when they set their fruit. He just has to drop one paw down and he can have a snack. Inside a carrot, painted, the frame is double beaded and the clasp is a French bow. Retail: About $227.00. Our price: $204.90.  Isn't this a kick?

Happy Easter!

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