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Elisabeth and her family, kids and grandkids, Easter '03. All but the
California contingent.
The same Elisabeth who made that wonderful quilt for me.
- Elisabeth, NJ

Emily, who made her first real public appearance in this album, is now
quite a fashionable young lady. Notice the darling Easter outfit. Don't you
just love the hat!! That's Mom providing the lift.
- Elisabeth, NJ
Lauren, who appears earlier on these pages, and who here attended her first real social event, An Easter Egg Hunt! She's growing up and getting cuter by the day.
- Liz, California

Duncan, the "older brother" of Quigley, who also appears in this album.
- Patricia, NY

I you are "in" to Le Petit Prince, and have read our segment on it, then you
will know who this is when I say that she is the writer currently doing the
book on Saint Exupery, his life and times in the United States. This is
Elise and her son whom she calls "her little prince".
-Elise, NY

What's more fun than a first trip to Paris--not a lot I can think of.
Lorraine and friends along with the Maitre de of the Brasserie they
frequented during a recent visit to Paris. The Maitre de stood them to the champagne. They had the greatest time and can't wait to go back again.
- Lorraine, NY

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