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We've known Quigley since he was a pup and now he's a grown up kind of guy. He's a Bernaise Mountain Dog, a rather large breed and very intelligent, wonderful with kids.
PS, New York State

(2 photos) Janet, her husband, her two little granddaughters and their Mom and Dad at the San Diego Zoo. Grandma and Grandpa took the girls -- Mom and Dad got to go along. We supplied Artoria's Endangered Species Giant Pandas for the girls and Grandma as remembrances of the event.
Dallas, Texas

Elisabeth and one of a new crop of grandkids her sons have produced for her.
Budd Lake, New Jersey

Mim's Garden. Isn't this a lovely place to sit and contemplate the problems of the world? Mim did it with a bit of help from husband Jim. Imagine the work that it took to make this look the way it does. That wonderful edging is Monkey Grass which I had never heard of before. Great for a serpentine border! - Houston, Texas

The Quilt of Cats that Elisabeth Built for Elayne's 80th birthday. Isn't it
fabulous? Can you even imagine that someone known to me originally as a
result of the catalog would be sweet enough to make this for me because she knows I love cats? And because we often chat together via email? Lis and
her husband were visiting one of their sons and his family here in Southern
California a couple of years ago and they came and spent a Limoges Day with me so we have met once in real time. An unbelevable and wonderful gift that is deeply appreciated. Chauncey and I will both enjoy it. Thank you, Lis.

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