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Our Family of Customers Photo Album

The Perfect Gift is a strange and rather fun kind of catalog. Our customers have become, many of them, like an Internet Family. From them I hear about interesting things going on at home, new babies, new grand babies, toddlers, older children, new animals, older family pets, vacations, birthdays, journeys, expeditions, projects that they are enjoying currently or have enjoyed working on. One of our customers is a dog breeder and currently has several champions in her kennel. She sent me photographs of a couple of her champs Another customer/friend sent pictures of her lovable marmalade tabby and her "Grand Dog" for whom she baby sits when her son and his family are away. A number of our customer/family members have sent pictures of their families. Anyway, you get the idea, I am sure. It is such a heartwarming thing to receive these that I thought you might all enjoy sharing them and adding to them. I know it has nothing to do with Limoges boxes but it sure has to do with our family of customers and I love them as much as I love boxes. This will be an ongoing thing and we are going to use a format for it that will make it continuous and which you will scroll to view. There will be brief comments only, first names only, and if you send something in please send it with the comment you want it to have. Join in if you have something you would like to share with us. We shall be watching for entries from all of you.

Annie, a much loved marmalade tabby cat sent to us by Elisabeth who belongs to that dear kitty.
Granddog Tim, family relation of Annie's with whom she sometimes gets into it when he comes to stay in her territory for a bit.
Cuenca: a small city in Ecuador that was visited by Elisabeth's husband Jim very recently.He went there to help build a much needed church for the community and spent three weeks working at it. Hat's off to Jim!

Dyna, a champion Chihuahua owned and shown by Kerri, one of our customers who is a dog breeder.

Halston, two years old and already a champion, he is an Italian Greyhound, also bred by Kerri.

Halston after winning Best of Breed at the Westchester NY Kennel Club. This is one of the advertisments in which he was featured. That's Kerri handling him.

Because I am such a kitty lover Jean sent me this. It is called "Find the Hidden Bird".

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