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The Merriest Christmas to All.
This year, for the first time in ages, there are several new Christmas boxes, quite different than any we have had before. Last year, because they were all repeats I bought nothing new for Christmas but this year Atelier Chamart has designed some that are quite delightful and not the same tired themes that most of the makers have gone with for so many years.  As well, something really new has been added!  Fabergé does a Limoges Egg with a tiny jeweled Christmas Tree as the surprise.  It is made in Limoges of Limoges porcelain but we will be the only Limoges Catalog to have it because I am borrowing it from our Fabergé Catalog.  It is available to us only because we are also Fabergé Dealers.

A. Sending  Your Love for Christmas Box. What could be more perfect for expressing your love at Christmas than this elegant gold heart with a HUGE red Christmas bow surrounded by holly greens and their berries?  It says My Gift is Love eloquently and succinctly.  Just sign the card and you will have said it all.  Our price: $229.90.

B. Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly Box.  A small gold oval box with boughs of holly and brilliant red berries, dimensional, placed on the lid.  Painted holly leaves surround the cluster of holly and drift down on to the fluted base.  Holly leaves for the clasp and a golden holly leaf painted inside.  This is a limited edition of only 150 pieces because so much of the decor is handmade.  As only Atelier Chamart can do this sort of thing.  Our price: $349.90.

C. Assembling the Christmas Gifts Box.
A mass of boxes stacked under the tree, each box decorated with holly, lots of golden ribbons and bows and one with golden polka dots! The surprise inside is a dimensional and removable Christmas Tree!  This is the first time that the gifts ever carried the Christmas Tree with them!  The tree is an inch and a quarter in height.  Our price: $182.90.

D. The Christmas Tree Egg. Done in a rich green enamel with a design in gold suggestive of the battlements of a castle.  The apex of the Egg is a wonderful red, deep and throaty, and perfect with the rich green and gold.  Open, the Egg presents the surprise of a gold Christmas tree completely studded with alternating stripes of emerald and clear Austrian crystals. It sits on a gold plinth that is fastened to the lower portion of the Egg. The name Fabergé and the Egg number are engraved on the plinth. A stunning Christmas gift for anyone!  Retail: $350.00. Our price $314.90.

As with all Fabergé pieces it comes with Travel Case and with Fabergé authentication.

E. The Christmas Morning Inspection Box. The two most important family members, a small dog and a kitty, are surveying the gifts before the rest of the family arrives. Certainly a couple of those are for them.  There must be something for each of them!  You can see they are on the verge of starting the untying process but---they are aware they will be in deep trouble if they do that.  It comes under the heading of “Deliver me from temptation.”  Inside, Merry Christmas and some holly and berries, painted, and the clasp is a Christmas Tree.  Our price: $279.90.  

F. The Placing The Star on The Tree Box.  
This little guy has just descended the ladder after placing the crowning Star atop the tree and is admiring his work.  The packages are all in place and the family will soon be gathering here.  Inside, dimensional and removable, a stack of gifts and the clasp is a large gold star.  Our price:  $309.90.

G. Santa’s Main Office Box.  
This where Santa’s operation is headquartered during his busy season.  Here he displays the gift selections for the year.  The shop is on street level with red and white striped awnings that say Noel.  The second level is where he lives when he’s not at the North Pole and the third level is where some of the elves live who staff the gift shop.  The roof, as you can see, is the parking place for the sleigh and reindeer.  Compact, serviceable and very handsome, he keeps his away from home, home, in beautiful condition.  The elves paint it freshly just before Christmas each year.  Notice that the roof is touched with snow and over the entrance door is a Christmas wreath.  Inside a dimensional and removable Santa and the clasp is one of their stock toys, a Teddy Bear.  Our price: $249.90.

H.  The Christmas Card Box. A gold envelope with a gift enclosure, both covered with holly and looking ever so Christmasy!  The card that is enclosed has space for personalization so this can be a real Christmas Card you send someone. You could say, “Kisses at Christmas” and your name. From Chamart so you you know it is the best. Our price: $194.90.

I. The Christmas Rabbit Box.  Dressed in holly and clusters of holly berries wearing a huge Christmas bow and presenting a basket of brilliant red Christmas flowers, this is the famous Chamart Rabbit, number 8 in the series.  The clasp is a snowflake and inside a pretty green ribbon bow.  Our price: $189.90.

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