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Chinoiserie 3
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Chinoiserie, when first it came into being, in the early days of porcelain making, was enormously fashionable and the exotic character of the designs fascinated people. It still retains it's fascination today and is still very fashionable today. (Chippendale furniture is based on Chinoiserie and so are most lacquered furniture designs from Europe. Often it is called Japanning.) There is a delicacy to it that seems to heighten when it is translated into porcelain perhaps more than any other medium. In any case, it is very much in demand and we are extending our collection to permit the enhancement of your collection of Chinoiserie. Chamart has done some wonderful boxes in this genre and below is an impressive grouping of their recent efforts.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order only.
N. The Three Laughing Buddha Boxes. These are meant to be displayed prominently in your home so that all who look upon them may benefit from the good fortune that emanates from them. They are all variations of a similar Buddha, in positions and with accessories that denote their particular influence. Inside, their field of influence and the clasp, a shell. Our price: Each $172.90.

N1. The Buddha of Great Prosperity.

N2. The Buddha of Good Health.

N3. The Buddha of a Life Filled With Affection and Love.

L.  The Japanese Rickshaw Box.  This human powered Oriental version of a taxicab has been in use since the 1800's but in recent years has been suceeded by the pedicab, also human powered but by a human on a bicycle.  The older version had a collapsable hood  and the larger version could hold two people.  This charming figure of a geisha holding a bouquet of roses in her ams is perfectly in keeping with this particular vehicle because it is the early version of the Rickshaw.  Inside, a Bonzai Tree, painted, and the clasp a geisha with a parasol.  Retail $255.00.  Our price: $229.90.

M.  The Geisha Box.  
Being a Geisha in Japan is an honored profession.  They are not, as is commonly thought, fancy call girls.  They are trained from early childhood in charm, manners and with very ladylike behavior in how to please a Japanese man and how to entertain him. They are well educated and have excellent conversational skills; they can hostess large groups as if to the manor born. This Geisha is wearing an elaborate kmono with huge trailing sleeves and  an obi .  The detail in the costume is excellent.  She is holding a fan in one hand and a minute purse in her other hand. Inside the box, a very detailed line drawing of a fan.  The clasp is unimportant to the box.  Our price: $ 219.90.

N.The Geisha on The Japanese Bridge Box.  
Inspired by the Monet paintings of his Giverny Water Garden and it's Japanese Bridge, this lovely box has a geisha with an open parasol walking across it.  The water on this box is particularly well done.  The artist has used translucent paint and many layers of paint beneath it so that looking at it you are looking through the crystal clear water to the base of the pond. Inside, a water lily with a dragon fly hovering over it.  The clasp, a geisha with parasol.  Retail: About $329.00.  Our price: $294.90.

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