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n the early days of porcelain manufacture in Europe, much of what was made was influenced by Chinese Export porcelain.  Additionally, furniture, tapestries, statuary and all of the decorative arts reflected this influence.  Everything done in the Chinese manner became highly fashionable.  Francois Boucher and Jean Watteau, two of the leading French artists of the period, were also  inspired by this newly  arrived styling and much of their work reflected it as well.  There was a considerable amount written on the subject by some who were familiar with the Chinese style and others whose imagination conjured up what they thought  of as Chinese style.  In fact it was so fanciful that it developed a life of it's own, became fashionable and today it is what we know as Chinoiserie.

F.  The Tang Horse Box.
 This box was modeled after a horse from the Tang Dynasty of China that was intended as a means  of conveyance for a recently deceased person.  It was the vehicle to take them to heaven.  It was considered important for the deceased to make a "good impression" on the powers that "were" in the Kingdom of Heaven and the thinking was that perhaps it might be possible that assistance could be rendered to those left behind.  The horses were made in many different qualities and various materials so even the poorest had access to them.  Retail: About $220.00.  Our price: $206.90.

G 1.  The Emperor on His Throne Box.  The Tang Dynasty, 618-907 AD, was one of the greatest dynasties in Chinese history.  It was a period of military power, political stability, great prosperity and the advances in art, literature and education were major and far in advance of other countries. China produced thousands of writers and poets in that period.  Most important was the gift that China gave to the world, the invention of printing. Block printing was invented in the 8th century and movable type in the 11th century.  The first book that was printed in 868 was a Buddhist book. Education was predominant and there were schools run by the central government, local governments and many private schools.Every prefecture, district, town and village had its public schools. They had professional schools for advanced study, even a medical school.  They gave examinations and had three different degrees much as today's Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's degrees.  They even had Civil Service Examinations for public officials.  Notice the clothing, it is historically correct.  Inside the box a fan, painted and the clasp a shell.  Our price: $209.90.

G 2.  The Empress on Her Throne Box.  Our price: $209.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order only.
H.  The Rice Bowl Box.  Chopsticks included and it all speaks for itself.  The clasp is a lady with a parasol.  Retail: About $120.00.  Our price: $108.90.

I.  The Chinese Puzzle Box.  An inelegant name for a very elegant looking small and not quite square box.  It has canted sides. Worked in a subtle Chinese design in that elusive Chinese red combined with touches of mustard and an almost blue, it is quite the handsomest small box we have had of late.  The clasp is a serpent and inside -- a Chinese Fortune Cookie!  It is a Chinese Take Out Box!  Retail: About $255.00.  Our price: $229.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order only.
J.  The Tea Ceremony Box.  If you favor Oolong or Green Tea or just love Chinoiserie, this is a delightful tea service for one.  The tray/box is black lacquer with two shades of gold and silver in the design.  On it are a dimensional napkin with ring, tea cup and matching teapot in Chinese red  and all are removable.  Inside the box, a gold tea tray and the clasp is a butterfly.  Retail:  About $247.90.  Our price: $222.90.

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