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Chinoiserie 1

An interesting thing happened just a few short moments ago. I was walking past the Chinoiserie display of boxes and suddenly my glance was arrested by part of the grouping that just stopped me in my tracks. I stood for a minute wondering why suddenly this group jumped out at me. There were more than 300 boxes on the table, why would these catch my eye? and then I realized--it was the color that caught my eye. Exuberant, crisp, attention grabbing, and a marvelous accent color. If you have a room done in navy you will find this clear brick a perfect foil for it. It is also wonderful against shades of green and as an accent in a beige or a white room. Using the boxes as decorative pieces does not detract from their stature in your collection, it simply makes the collection work for you as it assimilates the boxes into your decorating scheme and they become the life of your room. Having things that you love or that are interesting to you displayed is what makes your home interesting to others. Every room needs something of you in it to make it interesting for others to be in. That's what makes a home your home.

A. The Water Lily Frog Box. Isn't he a handsome chap? On his back he carries a large Water Lily motif that is simply stunning. He's a bit larger than our usual box, he stands 3 inches tall and the box itself is 2 1/2 inches wide resulting in his absolutely commanding the attention of all who pass by. He is a show stopper! Our price: $186.90.

B. The Mini Cylindrical Box. A clear brick takes a classic shape and increases it's importance with color and motif. The chrysanthemum design in the wonderful blue and yellow are such an interesting foil for the brick. And notice how the shape compliment the other shapes in this grouping.Our price: $119.90.

C. The Pomegranate Box. A highly stylized version of a pomegranate fruit with leaves and a golden bee in bas relief. Branches of the tree and blossoms are painted on the box. Inside, the flower of the pomegranate, painted. The clasp is a fruit of the tree. Our price: $162.90

Sorry, the following item is No Longer available.
D. The Sphere of Influence Box.
A globe shaped box that makes itself at home with various other of our boxes. The pattern is stylized chrysanthemums and they cover the box excepting for the very top surface of the globe where there is a gold ground round filled with an oriental style line drawing of a duck and water lilies .Inside, a tiny gold detail and the clasp, a shell. This is not a star! It is a supporting player and every collection needs those. Every box cannot be a star because then you won't have any stars. It will just be a proliferation of boxes. I am certain you are familiar with the expression "You can't see the forest for the trees." Our price: $157.90 NEW

Sorry, the following item is No Longer available.
E. The Temple Buddha Box.
A serious and very authentic looking Buddha on an interesting base that resembles a four leaf clover. (Think they are covering their bets with this shape?) He resembles Buddhas that I have seen from India and Thailand as well as from China. He is obviously fashioned after an ancient piece although I could find nothing about him when I did my research. Of course, it was difficult researching this because most of the information was written in Chinese characters and there was no translation. ( I know as much now as I knew before I started the research.) In any case, he is a handsome Buddha done in gold burnished with Iron Red and aged so he looks like an antique. Nothing inside and the clasp is a shell. Our price: $197.90.

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