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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Candle-Light Boxes

Children's Collection 5

So many young mothers are starting to collect Limoges boxes for their children that it has created a new audience for these wonderful porcelain treasures. Because of this we have enlarged our Children's Collection yet again. The theme of these collections seems to be a box representing each year of the child's life. That makes considerable sense to me and so I have begun searching for boxes that are specific for various age groups of youngsters from infancy on. What follows on this page are several brand new boxes that are age specific.

A. The Stork on the Chimney Box. Storks on chimneys in Holland are not too unusual but one carrying this sort of package might draw a look or two. Hanging from the stork's bill, a checked gingham ribbon holding a new arrival! This is a charming baby box that will bring smiles to the recipients face. It is available in both pink and blue. Retail: $195.00. Our price: $175.90.

A2. The New Baby Delivery System Box. I know a lot of ladies who would have loved it if this could have been arranged. It sure would have been a lot easier for everyone concerned. But, it is a fairy tale perpetrated for centuries on youngsters -- although certainly not any more.  These days I think kids know more about that sort of thing than adults do.  Well, enough of that, back to the box.  The stork is carrying a new born but she is also sitting on her nest and if you open the box you will find that there is an egg, dimensional, in that nest. The clasp is  a Teddy Bear.  A sweet box to give as a newborn's gift or even to an about to be Mom.  Retail: About $223.00.  Our price: $201.90.

B. The First Birthday Box. A large birthday cake with One Candle and a cuddly Teddy Bear right there to enjoy it. See his bib! Inside the box, Happy Birthday! The clasp, a bow. Retail: About $265.00. Our price: $238.90.  

C. The Two Scoops, Please Box. I'm salivating just looking at this. Gosh how I used to love ice cream. I guess I still do, I just don't eat much of it anymore. That's the trouble with getting older; everything you eat shows up someplace. The vanilla side has chocolate sprinkles on it and the strawberry side is strawberry swirl ice cream. Yummmmm! And the cone is waffle style. The Best! Can't you just see some little kid walking along licking on this, ice cream running down his chin and dripping onto the front of his overall? The clasp is a strawberry. Retail: About $151.00. Our price: $136.90. For little kids and "Big Kids" too.

D. The Young Reader Box. A charming cupboard for a child's room, decorated with stick figures of children and animals. On top of the cupboard a rabbit and a turtle, dimensional. Inside the cupboard, two matched sets of books and several gift wrapped packages, all dimensional but not removable. This would make a delightful remembrance for the child who begins reading at an early age. About reading: I learned to read by the age of three and have never stopped since. I read constantly, never without a number of books going at once. I believe that if you open the world of reading to a child you open the entire world to the child. If you start them early enough they will become life long devotees of the written word and will gain knowledge far beyond their formal education and their own life experiences. It is a gift you can give any child with just a little patience. Nothing in their lives will ever serve them better or give them more pleasure. Retail: About $235.00. Our price: $212.90. Meaningful.

E.  The Dent de Lait Box.  (Literal translation, Milk Teeth.  I don't know if that is what they still call babies first teeth but it is what they used to call them)  This is the dearest little box!  This adorable little mouse is carrying a bouquet of flowers for the young one who just lost a first tooth.  The painting is so delightful, so charming, it brings a smile to your face when you look at it.  I was completely smitten the first moment I saw it.  Only occasionally do we  find boxes that are a sweet as this one is. A perfect baby gift! Inside a gold flower and beneath the bow clasp, written in gold, "Dent de Lait".  Retail:  About $155.00.  Our price: $139.90.

F.  The First Day of School Box.  I recall my daughter showing up at the front door with just these toys.  She felt the slate was needed for her learning to write and Teddy was going to be lonesome without her so she intended taking him to school with her. "The slate was fine but Teddy could not go," I said.  She insisted, and again I said no.  Guess who won.  For the first three weeks Teddy went with her every day.  He was her security blanket and where she went he went.  After three weeks it suddenly stopped.  I guess she was comfortable enough to manage the day without him or maybe one of the children teased her about him.  She never said and I had no intention of looking a gift horse in the mouth so I kept silent about it. In any case, he never went anywhere with her again. A fairly common experience I imagine.  Great box for a three or four year old. Inside First Prize, painted, and the clasp an E for excellence.  Retail: About $183.00.  Our price: $165.90. New

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