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Babies, Variations on The Theme

For someone who is usually observant and sensitive, it has been brought to my attention that I have committed a sin of omission and I would like, now, to extend my apologies for this and to make amends. The boxes shown on this page were made for us in the space of just a few days with the help of one of our Importers. It could not have been done without her and I thank you, Shirley Dickerson of S&D Fine Collectibles. When I called Shirley, with my problem, she immediately ordered these pieces to be done for us and the result is what you see before you.

A. The Shady Baby Buggy Box. The box itself is the same as the one shown on the first page of this segment but with a new coloring for the pram, suitable for either a girl or boy. A charming box with a tiny person, dimensional and removable, of African-American descent, for the occupant. Available with babies of other color by special order. Retail: Upwards of $225.00. Our price: $202.90. "So NEW the paint's not dry."

B. The Baby Doll, not a box but An Ornament to be hung in a baby's room or on a Christmas Tree. An adorable baby with chubby little hands and feet, dressed in her best bib and tucker. Notice the matching cap. This Baby Doll can be done in any skin coloring by special order. Retail: About $143.00. Our price: $129.90. "So NEW the paint's not dry."

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
C. The Baby Doll on a Cushion Box. The same figure as the previous piece but sitting on an elaborate cushion that is the box. Inside, dimensional and removable, a hand mirror and hair brush. A simple bow for the clasp. Shown here as Caucasian but in stock shortly as Afro-American. The box can be special ordered with any skin color desired. Retail: About $283.00. Our price: $255.90.

NOTE: Whatever the skin coloring, there are few things in life that bring as much opportunity to us as a baby does. They are like an unopened package when they arrive. The color, the race, are insignificant. What is important is that here is a new person who may, in the course of their life, do something wonderful that will benefit all mankind. Who is to know from whence the next "great"will come? And in what kind of package? And is the packaging really important?

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