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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Once Upon A Time, The Fairy Tales of Childhood

All of us remember the fairy tales of our early childhood and how we sat enthralled for hours listening to the stories that all began with "Once Upon A Time". There were so many of them, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, The Musicians of Bremen and endless other stories all of which have been told and retold over hundreds of years. The interesting thing about these tales is that almost identical stories were told in countries all over the world. None had known authors. They were all folk tales. And yet, they were all similar with perhaps a name change here and there but the plots were almost identical. Many of them have been gathered into groups by people such as The Brothers Grimm but in actual fact the Grimms did not author these stories. They simply edited them and presented them in well illustrated books. The Limoges boxes presented here are all involved with children's fairy tales.

The following item is by Special Order only.
A. Rapunzel, from the tale of the same name. She was kept prisoner in a tower with no doors or stairs by an enchantress who would call to her "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair." and Rapunzel would drop her very long golden braid out the window and the enchantress would climb up it. The box is the tower and in the window is Rapunzel with her long braid reaching down to the base of the tower. At the tower base is a rabbit, several trees, a chipmunk and a blue bird. The tower and all details of it are in relief. This is a "First Curl" box. Retail: About $120.00. Our price: $114.90.

B. Puss in Boots, from the tale of the same name. He went off to London to visit the King!
Dressed in his cavalier cape and feathered hat this adventurous fellow cuts a dashing figure indeed. The clasp is a mouse. Retail: About $144.00. Our price: $136.90.

The following item is no longer available.
C1. The Pinocchio Box.
What child doesn't love the story of Pinocchio, the little wooden puppet, carved by Geppetto, who has a nose that grows when he tells tall tales and a conscience called Jiminy Cricket. Obviously on his way to school carrying his schoolbooks in one hand and an apple for the teacher in the other hand. The detail on this piece is exceptional. The wooden arms and legs are jointed and carved not round but square and you can see the joinings. Inside the box a feather, dimensional and removable. The clasp is incidental to the box. Retail: $205.00. Our price: $184.90. A classic story for children that was written in the mid 19th century and still enjoys huge popularity.

C2. The Alice in Wonderland Box. This is such a delightful depiction of her. She is just as pretty as a picture with her long blond hair held back by barrettes, and her pinafore bordered in blue and tied in the back with a large bow, her white petticoats peeking out of her full skirted red dress, little pantaloons and striped socks and, of course, black patent Mary Jane's. She is holding the bottle that says, "Drink This!" Inside, the Ace of Hearts and the clasp, a French bow. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. NEW to us but not something that has just been made.

D. The Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Box. Is there one of us that has not had this old classic read to us and then ourselves read and reread it over and over again until we knew most of it by heart? From 1865, the year that Lewis Carroll (nom de plume of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) wrote Alice for a young friend, it has been a classic that the children of the world have enjoyed. It is probably the single most loved book ever published for children. The cover of our book shows Alice and the horrid Queen of Hearts whose favorite line is "Off with her head." Inside, a teacup and the clasp a key, both related to the tale. Retail:$185.00. Our price: $166.90.

D2.  The White Rabbit Box.  From Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit whom Alice followed down his hole to begin her adventures. She kept wondering why a Rabbit would have a waistcoat and a pocket watch.  She thought it quite unusual but, of course, this White Rabbit was a very unusual fellow. It was in his house that she drank the potion that caused  her to grow so large that she took up a whole room.  And it was in his house that she found the potion that reduced her to such a tiny size that a bug stepping on her could have finished her off.  No ordinary Rabbit, this fellow.  A delightful characterization of the White Rabbit done in great detail and with all of the charm that the Lewis Carroll story  character had.  From Rochard. Retail: About $233.00.  Our price: $210.90.

E. The Jemima Puddleduck Box. Mistress Puddleduck is on her way to market dressed in her bonnet and cape, carrying her purse and wearing a very purposeful look. Inside the box, dimensional and removable -- her money. Retail: About $233.00. Our price: $210.90. A longtime favorite of ours.

The Royal Coach Box. A magnificent coach with wheels that turn yet are made of porcelain, Open the box and there sit Cinderella and the Prince, dimensional. The latest version of the famous coach that carried Cinderella off to begin a new life, no longer the stepchild but now the Princess. What little girl doesn't dream of herself as a Princess? Retail: About $351.00. Our price: $314.90.

G. The Benjamin Bunny Box. Busy eating his lunch and munching on greens while behind him are some cabbages and inside the box a carrot, in relief. A lettuce leaf for the clasp. You can see he is very well fed, his jacket just barely makes it around him. A charming replica of this famous little fellow. Retail: About $233.00. Our price: $210.90. A longtime favorite of ours.

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