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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Wonderful World 3

The Children's Collection (continued)

G. The You Must Have Your Face Washed Box. All little ones have the same problem, learning to eat neatly and with table manners -- be they animal or human. Here is Mama Cat with her kitten who, like all babies, makes a mess with her milk and now Mama is cleaning her up. The water bowl is right there and you can see the pink face cloth being used for the clean up job. Inside the box is the spilled bowl of milk, dimensional. Retail: About $215.00. Our price: $193.90. (This is actually a figure from one of the Beatrix Potter stories and it is also one of the last of the Parry Vieille boxes.) Repeat Performance.

H. Celebration of the Arrival of a First Tooth -- balloons will make it a festive occasion that even the owner of the tooth will enjoy. The box has a tiny mouse on it and is very festive looking! A fun gift for a recent grand baby. Retail: $219.00. Our price: $197.90.

J. The Peas in a Pod Box. The first box ever for a plural birth. The pea pod opens to display two tiny babies curled up as new babies often are, thumbs in their mouths and both dimensional and removable. The faces are so sweet and so adorable that you just melt looking at them. They are dressed in green trundle suits with the tiniest pointed baby caps that look like the end of the pod that attaches to the vine on which peas grow,minute baby curls peeping out of the caps. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. Outstanding!

K. The Pea in a Pod Box. The singular of the plural above. One adorable baby curled up in the pea pod. A wonderful gift for a mother-to-be and equally marvelous for the new mother. Retail: About $183.00. Our price: $165.90. A charmer.

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
L. The Tiny First Tooth Box. A small rectangle, 1.5 by 1.25 with a delicate tracery of ribbons, tiny polka dots, 'First Tooth' written on it and a wee mouse crowning it. Inside a tiny bow, painted and the clasp another. Available in both pink and blue. Retail: About $115.00. Our price: $103.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
L2. The Combination Pacifier and Teething Ring Box.  
Pink rabbits, lots of greenery and available in both pink and blue.  Retail: About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.  Tried and true.

L3. The Baby Shoe Extraordinaire Box.  Imagine a baby shoe done with pale green heel and toe boxes and colorful balloons and teddies on it!  It's here.  You don't have to imagine it.  Isn't it darling!!  Gold laces and a removable rattle complete it.  Retail: About $211.00.  Our price: $190.90.  New and different.

The Long Tale of The Mice.
I sat here looking at this box wondering why they put a mouse on it and suddenly it all came back to me. Little kids love mice! I recall when my daughter was perhaps 4 years old, she and a friend decided that they wanted white mice. I wasn't enthralled with the idea, as a matter of fact, I was vehemently opposed to it. I knew that I would be the one who took care of them and I loathed mice. Bring them into my home? I shuddered every time I thought of it. Well, the girls begged and begged for these creatures and finally, her friend's Dad brought two pair of white mice home for the two girls along with all of the paraphernalia needed to care for them. I was beside myself and I have to say that my friend, the mother of the other child, was not thrilled either. We talked about it and decided we had to be good sports. The girls could have their mice.

After a few weeks, when the novelty wore off, I was left to care for these creatures as was my friend. One of the mice that lived, thank heavens, not at our house but at my friend's house, expired. A proper funeral was held and now another mouse had to be obtained. The dutiful Dad brought yet another mouse home. Unfortunately it turned out that the new mouse was not same sex as the old mouse and thus was created a problem of untold proportions. When suddenly they had multiple mice in their too small cage they took the whole passel of them and put them into a huge old claw footed bathtub on the third floor of their house. (They lived in a great big aging Victorian.) They thought that the smooth sides of the tub would contain the mice since they had no way of getting a toehold to climb the straight sides of the tub. Wrong!!! The damned mice must have stood on each other's shoulders to get out but get out they did and they had mice by the dozen running around their house. They ended up calling in all the young boys in the neighborhood and paying them to catch the mice which the boys then took to the pet shop and sold. The real problem turned out to be they couldn¹t catch them fast enough and the procreation process continued and to the day they sold that house they had white mice scampering around constantly. I decided they could call me whatever -- but that ended the tale of the mouse at our house.

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