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Born in a tiny shop in the heart of Paris in early 1966 Chanille, guided by Anny and Jean-Pierre de Chazal has grown, over the years, into a premier design studio and factory in Limoges with the final stage of the manufacturing process, the fitting of the metal frame, hinges and clasp being done, still, in a small facility in Paris.

From the beginning, research and design were the driving forces at Chanille with Jean Pierre and Anny constantly striving to improve their product until now, they are considered to be among the finest of manufacturers of these marvelously made little porcelain boxes; antiques and heirlooms of the future.

In the late 1980's the company was moved to Charlotte, North Carolina but the manufacturing remained in Limoges and the finishing in Paris, as they still do. The United States had become the largest consumer of the boxes and it became necessary to be close to the ultimate consumer.

The de Chazals are constantly searching for new design inspirations and frequently are the industry leaders with their new boxes: witness the original golf cart, the antique bathtub, the dressing table, the most famous of the Loire valley chateaux, Chenonceaux, the 1930 Packard Roadster and the bas relief series of cities and places in the United States to mention but a few of their successes. The bas relief group of boxes is an innovation in the design of boxes and no one, as yet, has succeeded in copying them. The golf cart has become one of the greatest "fords" in the industry with numerous copies currently being shown by companies who rarely launch new designs of their own.

From the creation of the original design, the precision required for the making of the mold, the pouring of the porcelain, the painting of the boxes by a team of the finest porcelain artists, the numerous firings and the fitting of the frame, hinge and clasp, every step is carefully supervised for quality. The results speak for themselves.

Presently, Thibault, the youngest member of the de Chazal family involved in the design and making of porcelain boxes, is completing his academic education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte but all time away from school is spent at the family business where his input often influences designs for future manufacture. Although only 20 he has been at the knee of a master since early childhood and has an innate feel for the making of beautiful porcelain pieces.

Chanille's mark is "Chanille" and carries with it "Peint Main" (hand painted), the edition number and the artist's signature: the mark is black in its entirety.

Chanille, continuing the renowned French tradition of beauty in all things, creating exquisite porcelain for generations to come.

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