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Clowder of Cats 4
Cat lovers of the world unite! Why is it that people who have dogs talk about them incessantly and behave as though they are simply brilliant animals when all of you cat lovers know full well that no animal is smarter than a cat!  In fact, smarter than your cat!  My Chauncey is far and away the smartest animal I have ever met.  She manages to communicate her every wish to me with her little sounds that I have come to understand.  When she wants her food bowl replenished she comes and tells me.  If I am busy at the computer and say that she must wait a few minutes, she sits down next to me and waits patiently for, perhaps 3 or 4 minutes.  If I don’t get up from the desk in that space of time, up she jumps on my lap, despite the fact that I am typing, and in a second she is perched on my shoulder doing a balancing act, knowing full well that I cannot continue to type when she is on my shoulder.  And that’s how she makes her wish known to me.  Clever?  Darned clever.  The instant I  am out of the desk chair she is at the door waiting for me to follow her into the kitchen.  Then she races down the hall ahead of me and waits at the kitchen door.  Once I get there, she is up on the counter top next to the spot where I prepare her food.  And there she sits until I put that bowl down on her tray.  When I am cutting up her food she watches over to my shoulder carefully supervising what I am doing.  The moment I am finished chopping or cutting she is down like a flash  standing at her tray.  There is no way that I can miss her message. It is silently sent  but it comes through loud and clear. So who is smarter, a dog or a cat?  I’ve never heard of a dog who sits on your shoulder to communicate his wishes. Have you?

T.  The Kitty on Her Cushion Box.  Ever notice how a cat always climbs to the highest point of whatever she is on before settling down to sleep.  This cushion was just puffed up and instantly this kitty was on it feigning sleep. Don’t disturb, the position says.  Notice her little white feet peeking out from under her chin.  Don’t you just love when they assume that position?  The cushion is in large green checks with tiny tassels at the corners.  Kitty has a white mask starting just below her mouth and extending down her throat. Usually that means that the underbelly is all white as well.  Notice that I have taken the color of her collar as the clue to her sex.  No self respecting male cat would wear a pink collar.  From Chanille, this is a one and only!  It is a prototype they had made and knowing how I love cats they sent it to me.  Nothing inside and the clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail: About $175.00.  Our price: $157.90.

U.  Meet Robertson, the Marmalade Cat Box.  Isn’t he the sweetest?  He’s found a home in a Burberry style plaid sack that his owner uses for a cat carrier.  Kind of cute, don’t you think? I just love the look on his face.  He knows how cute he looks peeking out of the sack.  And the marmalade color against the pale blue of the sack is perfect.  Inside, a marmalade color ball of yarn, his favorite plaything.  The clasp is a French bow.  Retail: About $165.00.  Our price: $148.90.

V. The Silver Persian Portrait Box.
 Have you ever seen such a beautiful portrait of a cat?  Isn’t she exquisite? I fell in love with this box when first I saw it and I have one in my personal Limoges Cat collection.  It is an extraordinary portrait of a perfect animal.  Her coloring, her eyes, her fur are all just beautifully reproduced.  The answer, of course, is that this was a photographic portrait of a champion cat placed on the box and then hand painted with enormous care.  It is a Rochard box from several years ago.  Rochard used to do exceptional pieces such as this but no longer. It took a really expert artist to be able to paint this animal and have it look the way it looks.   Delicately painted with a hairline thin brush and it catches the personality of this animal exactly.  The base of the box is done in a floral of pastel colors in swirls of this lovely misty blue.  A beautiful piece even if cats aren’t your thing.  The clasp is a cat and inside, painted, a ball of rose yarn, high lighted, again something unusually detailed and rarely done with such care.  The price is a a long ago price as well.  Our price: $175.90.

W.  The Original Robertson Marmalade Cat Box.  
The original of the Robertson Marmalade Cats — the mama cat of the little fellow in the Burberry Sack below.  Just a lovely sweet faced kitty with some tabby markings and a couple of white feet.  Nothing pretentious about her, no great breeding lines, just an ordinary cat who happens to be lovely to look at and a pleasure to have as a companion.  She is very good with her little ones and keeps them in line  only now and then letting one get into trouble like the little guy below.  I am sure she will be along shortly to get him out of that bag that has climbed into and that she will box his ears for him for being where he shouldn’t be in the first place.  Inside, a mouse who has just emerged from his house and knows that she will be waiting for him, painted.  Retail: About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

X.  Variation on A Cream Color Cat Box.  
Because I have never gone to a breeder for a cat but always rescued my cats from either shelters or homes in which they were really not wanted I, personally, don’t care much about ancestry and breeding lines.  But, I do find it interesting to learn how and why they are colored as they are and I find that I am drawn to certain color cats more than to others.  As I write that I realize how strange that is but thinking further I realize that color is always important to me, it is the first thing I respond to and I guess that holds true even in choosing animals.  So, if you love reds and creams in cats here is how they get their color.  Reds carry a density gene which packs color into their hair shafts.  Creams result from the lack of the density gene and from the cat carrying a dilute gene as well.  The color becomes widely scattered over the hair shaft and is diluted resulting in creams, lilacs, blues and fawns.  So now you know why that little kitty you love so much is colored so strangely.  It is the genes!  Just like people. It’s all in their genes. This little fellow is no special breed that I can make out but he is a great example of a cream.  Inside. his bed, painted, and the clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail: About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

Y. The Ocicat Box.
A relative newcomer on the scene he is not yet in plentiful supply. They are difficult to breed because the breeders are trying make the spotted look predominant and it doesn’t always happen. For show cats the spots must be dominant and very clearly marked. The kitties resulting that are not so clearly marked are the ones they are selling as pets so if you are looking for an Ocicat, know that yours will probably not be show material.  (When the cat is young the spots are not as dominant as they later can become.)  As a breed they love company, are very playful, delight in lap sitting, are easy to train, although I happen to think that cats train us rather than vice versa. This little guy already has some spotted markings on his back, his tail is ringed by the spots as it should be, he has the beginnings of the “spectacle” markings that Ocicats all have.  Notice the lines starting to develop at the corners of his eyes.  Eventually they extend to the area below the ears so he will look as though he is wearing spectacles.  By the way, the males grow much larger than the females of the breed. Inside, a gold fish swimming, painted, and the the clasp is unimportant to the box.  Retail About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

Z. The Egyptian Mau Box.
If you are wondering why I haven’t specified “Cat Box” as I always do in titles, it is because in Egyptian “Mau” is the word for cat.  The cat was very important in ancient Egypt.  It is pictured again and again in wall paintings and scrolls that have been unearthed by archeologists over the years.  Today’s Mau is not quite the same as the early ones, it’s face having become rounder and the eyes not quite as wild as they were pictured  so many enters ago.  One of the very distinctive features of this breed is that it chortles, i.e. makes these little sounds of pleasure frequently.  I guess my Chauncey has some Mau in her because she too makes these little chirps of happiness particularly when she is supervising my preparation of her food. All domestic cats have their ancestry in Egyptian cats but the Mau is the one that looks the most like them and they are found, commonly, on the streets of Egypt today. Notice that the nose comes down in a straight line directly from the brows and beneath the brows the eyes are quite round.  The coat is a combination of stripes and spots. Inside, balls of yarn, painted and the clasp is a French bow as it is on this whole series of cat boxes.  Retail:  About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

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