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A Clowder of Cats and a Kindle of Kittens

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If you love cats, and I cannot pass one without stopping to chat, then this page will delight you. We have a fun assortment in multi colors and stripes, Tabby, Tuxedo, Marmalade, Himalayan and some that have no ancestry to recommend them. They were bought because they were charming and because they look and behave like cats.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order only.
A. Irish. How could a green eyed redhead be anything but Irish? Talk about "Wearing of the Green"? He and that bird reside in the same household, and strangely, they have become fast friends. The bird rides around on his tail 24 hours a day. The bird even left his change of feathers in the box, painted, how's that for friendship and trust? The clasp, another bird. Retail: Upwards of $213.00. Our price: $199.90.

B.  J.L.  So named because he is big and muscular.  He's never been in a fight and he is not pugnacious but he is fast, wily and has a "Don't tread on me" look on his face.  He has tabby markings on his chest and if you look really closely you can see faint tabby markings on the black back An American Wirehair is the breed. In life, stroke his hair and it will feel like a steel wool pad. One of the better cat boxes we have had over the years. Have you guessed who J.L. was?  Retail: About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

C. Christopher, the discoverer of frogs. He's just a kitten and hasn't seen one of these strange creatures before. He wants to touch but that frog, he'll be long gone when the paw reaches out. Inside the box is the frog, swimming purposefully. Retail: Upwards of $149.00. Our price: $134.90.

D.  Cleo.  So named because she is an Egyptian Mau.  The breed stems from Egyptian cats which are the oldest known cats in the world. This is the only spotted breed that is recognized. It has no tabby markings at all.  The main difference in today's version of an Egyptian cat is that their eyes are widely spaced and round whereas early Egyptian cats had rather wild looking eyes.  Of interest is that this breed was recognized in 1977. By the way, Mau in Egyptian means cat.  Retail: About $169.00.  Our  price: $152.90.    

E. Terry. Short for Terrible or Terrific depending on his behavior of the moment. That danged bird has some nerve landing on his tail. Inside, a feather. Draw your own conclusion. Retail: Upwards of $213.00. Our price: $199.90.

F. Robertson, The Marmalade Tabby Cat Box. I named him after my favorite orange marmalade because he is the exact color and just as sweet. Nothing extraordinary about this little kitty, just a very sweet little fellow, quiet and unassuming who just loves butterflies. See them at his feet. Retail: Upwards of $155.00. Our price: $139.90.

G. The Birman Cat Box.  An interesting breed that originally was thought to have come from Burma but now is thought to have been bred in France at the same time as the Himalayan was being bred.  The two are closely related in appearance.  Ours is a Lilac Point, actually a shade of gray, for the mask, the nose, the ears and the legs while the body is a “warm magnolia” color.  (This last description is from The Encyclopedia of Cats by Dr. Bruce Fogle.)  The actual color is pale and creamy, much like the body color of  a Himalayan. They require a great deal of grooming, having owned a Himalayan for years I can tell you it is an absolute must. the nice thing about this one is that it requires nothing other than your wanting to own it. Inside a ball of yarn, painted and the clasp is a simple bow.  Retail: About $179.00.  Our price: $156.90.

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