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Our goal is to find new and unusual Limoges boxes that are of the finest quality and to bring them to you at discounted prices. We buy from only the finest ateliers and we never buy copies.

When you see a box that you think looks like ours but costs lots less, take our word, it is a copy. It will not have the same detail that our boxes have, the modeling will not be as intricate, the painting not as fine, the metal work will not be as intricate and so much a part of the subject matter and the glaze will not be as high.

If you are collecting, "The value of your collection is determined by quality not quantity". --Elayne

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To see Limoges boxes and Eggs made for Faberge which we alone have, visit our sister catalog, Fabergé Catalog

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Ameublement (furniture)
Ameublement  2 (furniture)
Ameublement  3 (furniture)
Animal Portraits
Perfect Anniversary or Wedding Gift
Perfect Anniversary or Wedding Gift 2

The Balletomane in Paris
Barbershop Trio Boxes
Best of Breed
Best of Breed 3
Best of Breed 4
Best of Breed 5
Best of Breed 6
Best of Breed 7
Best of Breed 8
Best of Breed 9
10: The Papillon Box
Best of Breed 11
Best of Breed 12
The Corgi Box
Best of Breed in Miniature
Best Buys
Best Friends
Best Friends 2

NEW Box!La Bibliotheque (The Library)
La Bibliotheque 2 (The Library 2)
La Bibliotheque 4(The Library 4)
The Bird Lover's Box
Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather 2
Birds of a Feather 3
Birds of a Feather 4
Birthdays, Friends, and Love
The Best Birthday Box Ever!
Birthdays, Friends, and Love 3
Candle-Light Boxes
Carousels and Calliopes
Chinoiserie 1
Chinoiserie 2
Chinoiserie 3
Merry Christmas 1
Twelve Days of Christmas
A Clowder of Cats
A Clowder of Cats 2
A Clowder of Cats 3
A Clowder of Cats 4
Les Chats Unique (cats)
Les Chats Unique 2 (cats)
Les Chats Unique 3(cats)
The Children's Collection
NEW Box!The Children's Collection 2
The Children's Collection 3
The Children's Collection 4
The Children's Collection 5
The Children's Collection 6
Christmas for Kids
The Best Kid's Box Ever!
This Wonderful Country of Ours!
This Wonderful Country of Ours! (2)
A Day at The Races
Day In the Country
Day In the Country 2
Days of Yore (historical)
"Not for Easter Only"
Ultimate in Easter Eggs

The Best Engagemet Party Box Ever!
Food as an Art Form
Food as an Art Form 2
Food as an Art Form 3
Food as an Art Form 4
Food as an Art Form 5
Food as an Art Form 6
Food as an Art Form 7
Food as an Art Form 8
The Foxiest Boxes
France, Architecturally...
France, Architecturally 2
Les Girls
Les Girls 2
Great Films and Authors
Great Films and Authors 2
Great Films and Authors 3
Les Grenouilles Extraordinaire (Frogs!)
Happy Halloween 2007
We're All Heart(s) 1
We're All Heart(s) 2
We're All Heart(s) 3
We're All Heart(s) 4

The Best Valentine Box Ever
High Tech Toys
The Best Horse Box Ever
The Best Horse Box Ever (2)
A Horse by Any Other Name
Houses for Sale!

How does your Garden Grow ?
How does your Garden Grow (2)
How Does Your Garden Grow (3)
How Does Your Garden Grow (4)
How Does Your Garden Grow 5
How Does Your Garden Grow 6

Limoges Miniatures
Limoges Miniatures (cont'd.)

The Love Letter Collection
The Marriage Proposal
Mask Boxes (The Prince's Trust)
Memorial - World Trade Center
For Men Only! (Chess)
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Mother's Day
Mother's Day cont'd
The Museum of Art
The Museum of Art 2
The Museum of Art 3
The Museum of Art 4
The Museum of Art 5
The Museum of Art 6
The Name of the Game
The Name of the Game (2)
The Name of the Game (3)
*SALE:National Elections
On(c)e Is Not Enough
On(c)e Is Not Enough 2
On(c)e Is Not Enough 4
Once is Not Enough 5
On(c)e is Not Enough 11
Peanuts and the Gang
Peanuts and the Gang (2)
Center for the Performing Arts
The Performing Arts 2
The Performing Arts 3
The Performing Arts 4
*** ON SALE: The Performing Arts 6
The Physician

The Pleasure of Your Presence
A Potpourri of Great Oldies
The Rabbit Warren
The Rabbit Warren 2
Saint Paddy's Day
Seasonal Living
Sewing a Fine Seam
Snuff Boxes, Pure and Simple
The Nutty Squirrel
The Stamp Collection
Studio Collection Portrait Series 1
Studio Collection Portrait Series 2
Most Perfect Teacher's Gifts

411 - Telephones
Too Beautiful for Words 1
Too Beautiful for Words 2
Too Beautiful for Words 3
Too Beautiful for Words 5
Too Beautiful for Words 6
Too Beautiful for Words 7
Too Beautiful for Words 8
Too Beautiful for Words 9
Too Beautiful for Words 11
Too Beautiful for Words 12
Too Beautiful for Words 13
Too Beautiful for Words 14
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day cont'd.
At the Water's Edge
At the Water's Edge 2
At the Water's Edge 3
Whimsicals - Animals as People
NEW Boxes!The Wine Seller's Cellar 1
The Wine Seller's Cellar 2
Wonderful World
Wonderful World 2 - Italy
Wonderful World 3
Wonderful World 4
Wonderful World 5 (Africa)
Wonderful World 5 continued!
Wonderful World 6
Wonderful World 7
Wonderful World 8
Wonderful World 9, London
Wonderful World 10, Paris
Wonderful World 11, Paris 2
Wonderful World 11, Paris 3
Wonderful World 12, Les Cartes Postal
Wonderful World 14, Hawaii
Wonderful World 15, Las Vegas
Wonderful World 16:
(Cities of the United States)
Wonderful World 16 (continued)
Wonderful World 17: Flags
Wonderful World 18: Russia
Wonderful World 19: Europe
Wonderful World 20: Cooler Climes
Memorial - World Trade Center

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