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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Candle-Light Boxes

Carousels and Calliopes

Have you ever ridden a carousel? Heard the calliope playing while the carousel whirled round and round? They were so exciting and such fun and sooo beautiful. Some had three and four ranks of animals all hand carved and hand painted, all of which moved up and down as the carousel went round. In the center of the carousel there was a calliope and the animals moved in time to the music it made. Often there was a large bench on the carousel, much as the one you see below; two swans with a bench suspended between them. You could ride the carousel sitting on that bench if you chose. As the carousel went round you would reach a spot where there was a brass ring that could be caught and if you were able to catch it, as you moved past, not an easy thing to do, you won a prize, usually a large stuffed animal. The animals were hand carved and lavishly decorated. Today those animals, if you can find one, are worth a great deal of money. They are considered folk art and are very rare and usually in need of a lot of restoration. Carousel fanciers have formed organizations for the restoration of the few remaining carousels. They are devotees of an art that will probably not survive the 21st century.

A. The Whirligig Ride Boxes -- 6 in this one piece.. The base remained stationary and the cars spun around and around and they moved up and down as they turned as well. Thinking about it now I can't imagine why we all didn't all become ill, but we didn't and we loved it. The shrieking and laughing and calling to one another from the various cars was exciting to us. Why I don't know, but it was. I guess it still is because the kids still love to ride whirligigs. This one has four cars, each is a box. Each has a figure in it. The base is another box and the globe at the top is yet another box. That makes 6 boxes in all. The cars go up and down as they move around and turn about on the arms that support them. Lots of movement! Lots of excitement! The clasp on the globe box is a young couple dancing the way we used to dance. You call it ballroom dancing now. Great clasp! The boxes are bare inside. Retail: About $430.00. Our price: $391.90. NEW
NOTE: If you collect interesting clasps this is surely one for you. I have never seen this particular clasp before.

B. They Sail Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease Box.  Can't you just hear the squeals of the little kids sailing through the air in their little boats?  Each tiny boat has a child sitting in it; all are suspended from the striped canopy and all four of them move simultaneously when the small wheel on the side of the canopy is turned.  They go up and down and back and forth, each in a different direction and all at the same time.This is the funnest box and the first of the kind that I have ever seen!  Little kids will love it.  A great  gift for a small child!  Or a large child!  There is still some child in all of us, hopefully. Retail: About $435.00.  Our price: $391.90. Expensive but so innovative, it is worth it.  You won't see many of these.

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