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Limoges Candle-Light Boxes

Limoges Candle-Light Boxes

And what is a candle-light box, you ask? First a Limoges porcelain box, slightly larger than usual, and second, it holds a delicately scented candle. The lid, remaining open when the candle is in use, has the cover design on the interior surface as well. The box is approximately 3.5 inches in diameter and closed is 2 3/8 inches high. The candle can be replaced when necessary or the box can have a variety of uses other than that of a candle holder. The porcelain is pure white, translucent, with each style different in design and color. All have the traditional box fittings, hinges and closings. They are imaginative and different, but classical in feeling. Gift yourself or a friend. These are an elegant new way to enjoy the romance of candle-light.

Note: Refill candles are available at $15.00 per candle. We have a very small selection of scents and we would appreciate it if you would let us select the scent.

A. "Koutani" in ivory translucent porcelain with a delicately drawn stylized floral that has a decided Eastern influence to it. Around the base of the box, narrow double borders relating to the lid design. Of course, a scented candle inside. Retail: About $125.00. Our price: $112.90. NEW

B."Bougainvillea" in ivory translucent porcelain, design primarily yellow with green accents. Retail: About $125.00. Our price: $112.90.

C. "Louviers"in pure white porcelain with a highly stylized floral decor that incorporates blue, yellow, red, and green in a floral that is pure imagination. Retail: About $125.00. Our price: $112.90.

NOTE: These boxes are made by the world renowned manufacturer of luxury table settings in the grand tradition, A. Raynaud & Co. Their mark, the Laurel-leaf "R" in a double circle stands for the finest in luxury tableware and can be seen in the White House china collection as well as in the courts of Europe and the Orient.

NOTE 2: These boxes are not hand painted. They are done with transfers because they are manufactured by a tableware company. Tableware is usually done with transfers because it permits the use of a dishwasher and detergent with no damage to the design.

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