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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Wonderful World 3

The Birthday Cake Box -- for the in between years.
Meant for an age that we haven’t really had anything special for until now, this is perfect for an 8 to 12 year old.  No longer little kids, but certainly not ready for the more sophisticated birthday boxes we have.  This fun box, with bright colored balloons floating above it that say Happy Birthday, is covered with stars and polka dots and streamer squiggles that evoke the excitement of a birthday party for a youngster.  The cake itself is iced in white with a combination of chocolate frosting and a heart in white that has Happy Birthday written on it. Inside another streamer squiggle, painted, and the clasp is a simple bow.  Retail: About $265.00.  Our price: $238.90.  A great way to start a young lady on her Limoges box collection.  My own great grand niece just adores her boxes and treasures them.  She has never broken even one.  They make her feel so special because none of her friends have anything like them.
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