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Birthdays, Friends and Love | Birthdays, Friends and Love 2

Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Wonderful World 3

Birthday Cakes, Best Friends and Other Loving Things

This is a page that will be devoted to all those warm and fuzzy things that make you know you are loved. They are different for everyone so if you have a suggestion for something you would like to see on this page, let me know and I will see if I can find it in a box.

A. The Birthday Card Box. It comes in an envelope, just like a real birthday card. The card, removable, says, "Happy Birthday" and has twin hearts on it. The Envelope is covered with roses and closes with twined hearts.  Our price: $199.90.

The following item is by Special Order only.
B. The Birthday Cake Box.
This is a three layer vanilla cake with raspberry filling, chocolate icing around the base of the cake and a white icing top decorated with flowers and it says, "Happy Birthday". There is a slice cut out of the cake and the cake knife is ready to serve it. A spoon for the closing. Oh yes, a gift is inside. Retail: Upwards of $175.00. Our Price: $157.90.

C. The Two Peas in A Pod Box. This can be for VBF's, for sisters, for a close Mother and Daughter, for anyone you think is much like you or very close to you It is a delightful way of expressing friendship and love. Inside two dimensional peas. Retail: About $163.00. Our price: $147.90.

D.The More Than One Candle is a Whole Conflagration Box. A single chocolate layer cake covered with vanilla icing and the tiniest pansies. In the middle, one single candle. This is a brand new birthday cake, just arrived. The plate and the icing match, a very pretty touch, and inside, a dimensional, removable heart that says, "Happy Birthday". The clasp is a a flower to match the decor. Our price: $182.90.

The following item is by Special Order only.
D2.  The I’m Still 39 Birthday Cake Box.
Created just for this purpose --a raspberry birthday cake with chocolate icing and fresh raspberries dotting the top.  A single candle so no numbers are involved.  It sits on a gold plate and inside, a chocolate heart, dimensional and removable, to let the recipient know you love him/her no matter what their age.  Our price: $194.90.

E. The Best Birthday Cake Box Ever! Getting through the Big 50 is a piece of cake for these two. They sure don't look their age. The box is covered with balloons, confetti and streamers. Topping it are Snoopy and Woodstock, best friends for ever, sharing their cake and the happy moment. Inside a slice of the cake, dimensional; the clasp, a bow. What a wonderful birthday gift for any best friend!!! Notice their faces and the look of love. Retail: Upwards of $233.00. Our price: $210.90.

The Fountain Pen Box. I think that every 13 year old "Bar Mitzvah Boy" has received at least 1 fountain pen for the occasion. This one is a bit more imaginative than the usual. The Limoges Mont Vert Fountain Pen Box in "Malachite", shaped with a triangular barrel for writing ease with a gold nib and a gold clip. It looks like the real thing but is quite a bit smaller, only 3 inches long. Retail: Upwards of $173.00. Our price: $156.90. A box to write home about.


*NOTE: The maker of these boxes has asked us not to discount them. Sorry.

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