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Birds of a Feather 4

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Recently a customer asked for a Cardinal box and I realized that we had never had a Cardinal before.  I went looking for something really special because in real life that bird is extraordinary with his brilliant red plumage and to my amazement I found two very well done boxes.  Chamart had thought of them though I had not.

A. The Waiting for the Mail to Come Box. This brilliant blue mailbox stands outside the Cardinals Nest and they are hanging around it waiting for their mail. The box is covered with red roses and lightly touched with snow flakes.  Two Cardinals are sitting on the top of the box and a third is standing at it’s base. Inside the box, a letter, painted and a clasp that is very simple and typical for a mail box.  Our price: $254.90.

B.  Portrait of a Cardinal and his Mate Box.
A variation on a hexagonal shaped box delicately painted with a Cardinal and his mate.  Notice that the male is the beautifully plumed bird while the female is brownish with darker wings and a red bill.  Cardinals are found all over the world and here, in the US, in almost every state.  Looking at my Peterson’s Field Guide to Western Birds I notice that the illustrations of cardinals are what was used as the model for these painted birds and they are quite accurately depicted.  A bird for the clasp.  Our price: $157.90.

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