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Birds of a Feather 2

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Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
Le Coq et La Poule Boite.
Every now and again we get a box in that is so superb that I feel it deserves to have it's own special place in the catalog. This is one of those boxes. And the strange thing is -- I don't like chickens! They are noisy, stupid, and certainly not lovely to look at BUT -- These two are gorgeous!!! Something in the way the artist designed the box and sculptor who did the clay figure caught the feeling and notice how the two are turned and stopped, almost in midair, so to speak, and looking at each other with their heads cocked, as if he said to her, "You're beautiful!" and she stopped short and turned to him and said, "Thank you, Monsieur Le Coq, and you are the handsomest cock in the yard!" And do you know something, both of them are right. They are gorgeous! The black and white with the bright red cockscombs and the fresh green of the grass with the touch of yellow -- just perfect is what this is. Add to the mix that the entire box is done in bas relief; you can feel the feathers and the grass. Inside, tufts of grass and the clasp a heart overlay on flowers. Our price: $194.90. NEW and C'est Belle!

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