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Birds of a Feather

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Well, not exactly, because each of these birds is a different variety of the species but they do have several things in common. They all have wings, they all arrive nicely packaged in egg shells and now they all share one page they can call their nest. For anyone who loves our feathered friends I thought it might be simpler to gather them in one spot. Until now, with the exception of one of these boxes, they have been scattered throughout the catalog. The exception is a new entry to the catalog.

A. The Robin's Nest Egg Box. Beribboned and covered with roses, the box is where the robin chose to make it's nest. Open the egg and there is a tiny robin's nest filled to the brim with 3 pale blue speckled eggs.The nest is dimensional and removable and is 1 inch in diameter. Our price: $162.90.

B. The Perfectly Plumed Parrot Box. Isn't he beautiful? Nothing surpasses Nature's use of color. Can you imagine being in a jungle where parrots are plentiful and the trees are alive with the brilliant plumage of parrots? What an experience that would be. Like a beautiful garden--but in the trees. He is attached to his perch by a chain and the perch sits atop a metal post which comes from a base of white porcelain covered with green ivy. Inside, a palm tree line drawing and the clasp is "Old Sol". Retail: About $ 171.00. Our price: $154.90.

C. The Magpie and The Basket of Cherries Box. Some one left a basket of just picked cherries sitting at an open window and this bold little fellow found it. Undoubtedly the color attracted him, the bright red cherries with green leaves still attached in a yellow wicker basket. He couldn't resist them so down he swooped, landed on the edge of the basket and is having himself a great time. If you look closely, you can see he has a cherry in his yellow bill. Magpie's, Crows and Jays are all part of the Corvidae family of birds and are found the world over with very slight differences from these birds as we know them in this country. I always remember when I was a youngster,, in grade school, one of my teachers saying to me," You chatter like a magpie." I have learned since that the sound that magpie's make does sound like chatter and when they get started chattering it goes on for hours. Notice the detail on the bird. His eyes are in relief as is the cherry in his bill. The wicker basket filled with cherries is in relief as well. I would call this "A Bird's Eye View" of a Magpie lunching. Inside the basket, more cherries, painted and the clasp is a flower. Retail: $212.90.

D. The Swan and Cygnet Box. Mother love if ever it was. She is helping her newborn out of the egg with still two more to come. An elegant portrayal of a tender and touching scene. The box is the nest and you can feel the twigs and grasses of which it is made. Inside the rest of the eggs. The clasp, the male of the species guarding the eggs in the box. Our price: $182.90. Insider's Special: $169.90

E. Just a Bird in a Gilded Cage. What a marvel this box is. The cage is heavy wire and suspended from the top is a tiny swing on which is perched a very colorful parrot. The floor of the cage, the Limoges box, has his food and water and some shells from the seeds that he loves. When the swing moves the whole box seems to come alive. It is interesting to note that he seems real when the swing is in motion. Inside the box is one of his feathers and the clasp, a compatriot of his. Retail: About $293.00. Our price: $263.90. A singular piece.

F. The Ruby Throated Hummingbird and Family Box.  These teeny, tiny babies are chirping away, their little mouths looking for food.  Their Mom is perched on the limb just above them and, presumably,  has brought back some goodies for them. The coloring of the bird, with outstretched wings, is just beautiful and the size and delicacy of this bird relates to the size  of a hummingbird, very small.  Inside a flower and the clasp is a bee.  Our price: $189.90. NEW

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
G. The Bird With The Beautiful Plumage Box.
Have you ever seen a pheasant up close? Not many people have, certainly not city dwellers because pheasants tend to stay in heavily wooded areas. They have quite beautiful coloring, varying shades of the same color seem to blend into each other and into the next. This handsome bird was copied from an antique piece especially for S&D and painted by Cardinet. To really appreciate how detailed the painting is, a magnifying glass helps. With the naked eye I can see more than 11 different colors in this box. Inside a small segment of the exterior design and the clasp a delicate butterfly. Retail: Upwards of $173.00. Our price: $156.90.

H. The Proud Peacock Box.  Not figural but, to my way of thinking, superior to the only figural peacock box that I have seen.  This box,  from Chamart, is so beautifully designed and so exquisitely painted  and, after all, the most important part of a peacock are his tail feathers and that’s what this box is all about.  Aren’t they gorgeous!  Innovative and well executed with the thought given to the design of the box that few but Chamart demonstrate.  On the underside of the box, the detail of another tail feather.  Nothing inside and the clasp is a blossom.  Our price: $162.90.

*We have been asked not to discount this makers boxes.

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