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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

The Ultimate Bird Lovers Box

In the 1950's, when I worked at Lord & Taylor in New York, there was a specialty shop within the store that carried unusual antique pieces. In the shop they had an original Limoges box that was the predecessor to this piece. It was, even then, very costly and although I loved it and visited it often while it was on display in the store, it was beyond my pocket. Besides the obvious difference of that one being the original of the box there was one other difference, it had a music box that played a bird song. This one, although faithful in almost every detail, does not have that. What it does have is a more affordable price and a great deal of charm. This could be the star of your collection!

Brilliantly colored parrots sitting in their gilded cage with a Sevres Blue base embellished with gold detail. Exquisite is the word I think best describes it. From Parry Vieille. Retail: About $365.00. Our price: $328.90. NEW

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