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The Stacks.
You all know how I am about books. They are "Food for My Soul". I can't resist them, ever. If I walk into a bookstore my budget can be shot for months. To paraphrase Will Rogers, "I never met a book I didn't like." A few weeks ago I stopped into a Barnes and Noble and when I left, the gentleman who checked me out suggested that I join their book club because it was "obviously an addiction" that I had. He was laughing but I knew he was right. It is an addiction. If I don't have a stack or two of books piled next to my bed I feel deprived. I must have at least 7-10 books waiting for me. I usually read 3 or 4 at the same time, going from one to another depending on what mood I am in when I climb into bed. That's where I do most of my reading these days. The den, which is my office, is stacked with trays of new Limoges boxes so I can't sit around reading in there anymore. At the moment I am reading "Churchill", "Virgin Queen", about the early years of Elizabeth the First and "Versailles", about Marie Antoinette ,whose mother, the Empress of Austria, made the match that married her off to Louis XVI when she was only a child of 14. All interesting but none a great favorite although I have learned things from each of them. Well, going back to boxes; all of the following are book boxes, each so unique that I simply could not resist even one. The result of my addiction is we now have a segment called "The Stacks". (I know that some of you are just like me when it comes to books so don't laugh at one of my weaknesses.)

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T. The Two Geography Tomes Box. Two volumes of world maps, the cover of the top one has maps of the North American and South American continents on it with a magnifying glass resting on top of it. Nothing inside and a quill for the clasp. A handsome addition to our library. Our price: $192.90. NEW I have a friend who will be wild for this box. She loves Limoges boxes and she is a veritable walking Atlas. She is the only person I know who can reel off all of the newer countries in Africa, Russia since Communism fell, and anyplace else you care to quiz her about.

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U. The I Know My Rights Book Box. Actually the title is "Vos Droits" referring to the rights of French citizens not Americans. This is something that would appeal to a lawyer whose specialty is International Law. It is open to a page marked by a bookmark and a gavel is lying on top of it. Aha! For a judge! Inside the Scales of Justice, painted. The clasp, a handshake. Retail: About $253.00. Our price: $226.90.

V. The Graduate's Box. A Tasseled Graduation Cap sitting on top of a stack of handsomely bound books. Inside, Congratulations! The clasp a French bow. Retail: About $215.00. Our price: $193.90.

W. The Treasure Island Log Book Box. It is rather thick so the pirates must have been operating for quite a while seeing as the log book is so fat. The cover of the log has a global map and mounted on top of that is a cannon! The cannon is metal and moves up and down so it may be aimed. Inside, dimensional and removable, a rolled map of Treasure Island. Could it be that it shows where the treasure is buried? Retail: About $275.00. Our price: $248.90.

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X. The Halloween Story Books Box. Filled with stories of witches, goblins, ghosts, bats, pumpkins all being perused by a little black cat who is studying up for her Halloween duties. She's also trying to get that darned leering pumpkin off the book so she can learn what she needs to know for her big night! Isn't this the cutest thing? I just love it, myself, and I think it will probably join my own collection someplace along the way. The underside of the box is done in a purple bookbinding and says Halloween. Inside, "Boo" and the clasp, a skull and cross-bones. Retail: About $229.00. Our price: $206.90.

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Y. The Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Box. Is there one of us that has not had this old classic read to us and then ourselves read and reread it over and over again until we knew most of it by heart? From 1865, the year that Lewis Carroll (nom de plume of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) wrote Alice for a young friend, it has been a classic that the children of the world have enjoyed. It is probably the single most loved book ever published for children. The cover of our book shows Alice and the horrid Queen of Hearts whose favorite line is "Off with her head." Inside, a teacup and the clasp a key, both related to the tale. Retail:$185.00. Our price: $166.90.

NOTE: It might interest you to know that Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) was a mathematician and taught mathematics at Christ Church, Oxford. He was widely published in mathematics and logic and had an extremely successful career which was completely separate from his writings for children. He died in 1898 having written a number of children's books, none ever as successful as Alice.

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