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La Bibliotheque (The Library)
This section also contains medical and law boxes.
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If you are a great reader, as I am, (my password for one of the Internet bookstores is "voracious reader"), then you will enjoy owning one of these boxes. I'm a big fan of old mysteries, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are great favorites of mine. Spending an hour or two with them is just like visiting with old friends, soul satisfying! So, imagine my delight when I found not only Agatha Christie commemorated by a Limoges box but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's immortal detective, Sherlock Holmes, as well. This being a library, we have books other than those mentioned above, so thumb through some of our other volumes and see if there isn't something that will pleasure you. Or a friend!

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
A. The "Murder on the Orient Express" Box.
A porcelain edition of a very famous book, almost as good as owning a first edition. Well, not quite. Even if you haven't had the pleasure of reading this incredibly complex mystery certainly you are familiar with it from Hollywood's star-studded film of the same name. The box has all of the tools of Poirot's trade painted on the inside including one that he never used himself, a tiny removable revolver. Retail: Upwards of $199.00. Our price: $169.90. Insider's Special: $129.90.

B. The Sherlock Holmes Deer Stalker Cap Box.
Like his famous headgear, even to the "County Check" fabric. Inside, his pipe, three dimensional and removable. Retail: Upwards of $199.00. Our price: $169.90. Insider's Special: $129.90.

C. The Registered Nurse.
Standing tall and looking like the professional she is, any patient will welcome her kind and caring ministrations. Retail: $187.00. Our price: $168.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
D. Le Livre de Medecine Box. For those with M.D. after their name this is a most appropriate gift. It's an illustrated text, those are someone's lungs you see on the left hand page. I can only assume that the text on the right is descriptive of same. That's a dimensional stethoscope resting on the open pages. Inside, the dreaded SHOT needle! Non dimensional, thank heavens. Retail: Upwards of $195.00. Our price: $175.90.

E. The Have a Seat, Won't You Box? And the answer is generally, Well, if I must? The Dentist Chair Box. It isn't that you don't like him, you just don't like what he does is the problem. I have yet to meet anyone who willingly gets into this chair. It may be a recliner but it is also one that is often declined. The reason that I bought this box was not to commemorate dentists particularly but because the customer wanted to remember her years as a dental assistant. She loved the dentist for whom she worked for so many years. Well, I also loved my dentist of 35 years but my mouth was enough commemorative for him, I thought. She wanted a chair that had all of the equipment with it. I drew the line at that. Who needs or wants to remember the drill? Ugh! Open wide, please! Retail: About $173.00. Our price:$156.90.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
For Legal Eagles, The Scales of Justice Box. Another instance of Elayne taking license with her placement of boxes, but necessary. Sorry. What can one say about the Scales of Justice except that these are evenly balanced. The weights are painted along the bottom of the box and a tiny cherub is at the apex of the scale. The interior of the box is gold washed and it could easily hold a man's studs or cuff links or collar stays. It's a rather nice way of saying Thank You after he wins your case. Retail: Upwards of $173.00. Our price: $147.90.

Sorry, the following item is by No Longer Available.
 A Box for The Graduate! Suitable for graduation from any school ranging from nursery school to getting an advanced degree like a doctorate!  A stack of three tomes, leather bound with gilt bindings, and sitting atop the stack --a mortar board with tassel!   Inside, a dimensional and removable Diploma!  and it has space for a bit of personalization.  The clasp is a quill pen.  Retail:  $215.00.  Our price: $193.90.

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