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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Best of Breed 8 

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We've talked about all of these breeds on previous Best of Breed pages with the exception of the Westie. He is completely new to us. We have searched for a good Westie box for a very long time and never until now have we found one so he is a very welcome addition to our kennel.

JJ. Meet Jamie,The West Highland Terrier Box. The Westie,with his sparkling personality and great intelligence makes a wonderful companion. First bred in Scotland at a much earlier time they were registered by the AKC in 1908 as Roseneath Terriers. Anecdotal history from a Scottish owner traces them back to James the First who wanted an "earthy-doggie" but this is unsubstantiated. The breed is spunky, determined, wonderful hunters, fast and cunning in the field and gay and light hearted in the home.The box is 2 inches wide and 2 inches high. Inside a biscuit and ball. The clasp is not important to the box. Retail: About $125.00. Our price: $112.90. Isn't he perky!

KK 1. Meet Hershey PA, The Chocolate Labrador Box. (picture coming soon...!) Isn't he delicious? Just a young puppy but he already has the most beautiful deep chocolate coat. Just groomed and wearing an orange neckerchief, he is looking very spiffy indeed. Inside, his extra neckerchief. The clasp is a French bow. Our price: $189.90. NEW with a melting personality.

KK 2. Meet Black Jack, The Black Labrador Box. Sitting at attention you can see the intelligence of the breed in the way he holds himself. He's waiting for you to say "Let's Go." He's young, full of beans and ready for fun and games! Dressed in his best red neckerchief just say the word and he is out the door. Inside, his spare neckerchief and the clasp is a French bow. Our price: $189.90. NEW and tres handsome.

The three boxes below are a departure for us. We don't usually show dog boxes that are displayed in ways such as these but these were so charming that I thought you might like them, so here they are.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
LL 1. The Pug as a Princess Box. Sitting on her throne, wearing a for real red ribbon around her neck, this little lady is used to lots of love and attention, after all, she is a Princess! The chair is very elaborately painted in a gold lattice "embroidered" design, appropriate for a princess. Inside the box a gold bow, painted and the clasp another. Retail: About $273.00. Our price: $245.90. NEW

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
LL 2. The Pug as a Prince Box. Sitting on a gorgeous pillow with gold tassels at each corner this little guy thinks he's the Crown Prince. He has his bone and his throne, what else could he need? Inside a gold bow and the clasp another. Retail: About $241.00. Our price: $216.90. NEW

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
LL 3. The Intellectual Pug Box. Ensconced on a book that was written about her, it even has her picture on the open page. What do you suppose she could have done to warrant having a book written about her? She's such a little thing. Maybe she's had an adventurous life or dreams of having one. like Walter Mitty. If you are wondering why I keep saying she? No male pug would be caught dead wearing a hot pink collar. Inside, her muddy paw prints. Aha! She has had some adventures! Retail: About $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW

MM. Meet Veronica, The Llasa Apso Box. Llasas are difficult dogs to portray well. In our other version of this little dog, seen in Best of Breed 5, the dog has her head back so that the long brow fur is thrown back off her face, but that is not the way they look when they are running around with their heads in the normal position. In the normal head position the dog has long facial fur and ears that are large and heavily furred that cover a good part of the face as shown here. The eyes kind of peek out from underneath the brow. They look a bit like rag dolls I have always thought. Notice that the tail is curled up over the back and that the paws have heavy fur covering them as well. I have known one well for many years and she has always been a fun loving very social animal who just loved when company came to call at her house. She always thought they were there to visit her, that was plain to see. Inside the box, dimensional and removable, her bone and the clasp is a simple bow. Our price: $157.90. NEW and a splendid addition to our kennel.

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