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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Best of Breed (6)

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I keep thinking that we really don't need any more dogs in the catalog but then I see a new one and think , "Let's adopt it. It's only one dog." Then I see another one and the same thought process takes place. Well this Gift Show there were five that wagged their tails as I approached so we have another Best of Breed segment. We now have poodles in every conceivable color but they are such great animals. I was at Petsmart the other day and there was this gorgeous grey Standard Poodle. He was magnificent! He was the best behaved dog I've ever seen. His name was Ambrose, because his disposition is as sweet as Ambrosia. I stayed and played with him for fully 15 minutes. His owner was so nice. She waited while Ambrose and I became friends. She told me she got him when he was 9 weeks old and has had him for 3 years. Teaching him the commands meant showing him and telling him something once, and then he did it She has never had to reteach him anything. He remembers everything perfectly. When she said sit, he sat instantly. When she told him to stand because it was easier for me to pet him than when he was sitting, because of my back, he stood immediately and stood for several minutes while I petted him and chatted with him. As a disinterested party and one who has never owned a poodle, I have to say that Standards are remarkably intelligent. I am inclined to think that they are the most intelligent of all breeds. Certainly Ambrose was the smartest and best behaved dog that I have ever met.

CC. Meet Ambrose, The Standard Poodle Box. Is he not gorgeous? And look at the intelligence in his eyes. He's looking right at you waiting for you to tell him what you want him to do. He's ready for whatever the day brings. He's dressed in his best jacket, a multicolor striped affair that is stunning against his grey fur, and he's standing on the Welcome mat waiting for you to say ,"Let's go, boy." That Welcome mat is on a planked hardwood floor. Inside, his placemat, bowl and a biscuit. The clasp, a buddy of his. Retail: Upwards of $199.00. Our price: $179.90. NEW and barking good.

DD. Golden Boy, The Retriever as a Puppy Box. Isn't he the sweetest little guy? He has that plaintive look that pup's have and he understands Sit as a command so you can see that he is well trained already. See how big his paws are? He's going to be a big fellow when he grows up but for now he's only a few months old and just learning what his world is all about. Inside, he's brought you his brush, painted. He loves to be groomed because brushing is so much like being petted when a soft brush such as this one is used. He knows that his rug is where you like him to sit for grooming so he doesn't make a mess. A very well trained young man who knows his place. The clasp is a simple bow. Our price: $189.90.

EE.  Meet King Cole, the Black Cocker Spaniel Box.
He is coal black with nary a spot of color on him.  Only his eyeballs are other than black.  He’s new and a beauty, exactly like a Cocker we had when I was young.  Cole has an extremely intelligent look on is face and he seems to be waiting for a command.  He’s out in the field, standing on marshy ground, just waiting to be told to fetch and then off he goes.  Inside, the lake that is the attraction to the ducks that Cole is after, mountains in the background, cattails growing along the shore and a very attentive fellow waiting to recover his quarry.  Retail: About $163.00.  Our price: $147.90.

Sorry the following item is by Special Order only.
FF. Meet Deitrich our Doberman Pinscher Box.
Bred as guardians and protectors, the breed is very fast thinking, moves quickly and gracefully, learns very quickly and can make wonderful companions as well. They are large and have a muscle structure and body conformation that can be intimidating but owners will tell you that they are quite gentle with those they know. my self, I've never gotten close enough to find out. The box is very simple, just washed in gold but the animal is magnificent. The maker is relatively new to the Limoges scene and his boxes, while not intricate, are very well done. inside are paw prints. The clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail: About $185.00 Our Price: $166.90. NEW

GG. Meet King Tut, the Greyhound Box. Isn't he fabulous? Besides being a beautiful piece sculpturally, the box itself is done in relief; the rug is scrunched up under the dog. I have named him King Tut because, in researching the breed I have discovered that they are an Egyptian breed and have been around since 2700 BC. Discovered in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amten, who lived prior to 2700 BC, were hieroglyphics of greyhound dogs. They are the oldest breed. In fact, they are also the fastest of all breeds and can run at 45 miles an hour. No wonder they race them. As it happens, I disapprove of racing dogs. It offends me that they teach an animal to chase after a mechanical device just so they can place bets on it. That really offends and angers me. This piece is one of our Special Purchases. Our price: $193.90.

HH. Meet King Christian, The Great Dane Box. A black and white Great Dane! Unusual, but I have seen one. A remarkably handsome animal.  Danes are regal in bearing is why I named him King Christian. He is at the ready, awaiting his master’s command. Inside, the fence that they naively think will contain this young giant, painted.  He could be over it in the blink of an eye.  Retail:  About $165.00.  Our price: $149.90.

II. Meet Angus, the Scotsman in a Gift Box.  Angus is peering out of his box trying to decide if he is going to like his new master or mistress.  A dog biscuit can make all of the difference in this situation.  Can’t you imagine the shrieking and joy of the kids when the box was opened!  The box is gold with a Scotch plaid ribbon.  Inside, the biscuit that I mentioned, painted.  The clasp is inconsequential.  Retail: About $175.00.  Our price: $157.90.

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