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Best of Breed 5

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Just when I think that we have all of the dog boxes we could possibly want or need along come a few others that are new and some some that we had some time ago and retired, but, like me, they won't stay retired. Maybe that's because they are working breeds? So here are some more dog boxes, a category of which we never seem to have enough. By the way, there is one other yet to come, a Llaso Apso. We have had a few requests for that breed but until now there has never been a Limoges box version of that dog. It will arrive shortly and appear on this page ASAP - see item Z below.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
V. Meet Lucy, the dog on The Beagle Box. The sweetest, merriest, most lovable dog I ever knew. A wanderer who loved to visit people and places and made friends wherever she went. There was a riding stable not far from where we lived and she used to visit there regularly. There was nothing she enjoyed more than running after the horses barking at their hooves. The strange thing was the horses never seemed to mind. And then there were the people in the next town, about 5 miles away, who would call and say, "Lucy is here visiting us again. We'll bring her home." They never complained about her visits. They enjoyed her. Neither they nor we knew why she loved to visit them but she visited them every few weeks almost on a schedule. A strange and wonderful little dog. I always thought that in a previous life she had been a very sociable kind of person who loved visiting people. I remember saying to my husband one Christmas that we should have some calling cards made for her since that was what she seemed to need the most. Retail: $155.00. Our price: $138.90. Not new but so great that we had it made again just for us.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
W. Burberry, The Golden Retriever Box. Not too many years ago records were discovered on the estate of Lord Tweedsmouth in Inverness-Shire, Scotland that detailed the breeding and development of the Golden Retriever from 1825 to 1857. The dog was bred for hunting and retrieving from the outset and sports a water repellent coat. (What he hasn't got is a matching plaid umbrella and scarf.) The breed has a wonderfully even disposition and they are marvelous companions for kids. Retail: $199.00. Our price: $179.90. Like the "Man who Came To Dinner" this little guy has been with us for some time now.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
X. The Springer Spaniel Box. Several years ago I asked Rochard to make us a Springer Spaniel Box. I sent them photographs and then waited for the box. When it finally came it was not a Springer, it was a Cocker painted to look like a Springer. Well, in those days I was lucky to get anything that I asked for from Rochard so I took it without a word. Artoria has made a Springer. His body conformation, docked tail, polka dotted muzzle, size are all correct although his coat does not have the deep feathering on the withers and chest. Still, he is the only Springer that I have seen so here he is. At his feet a game bird he has just retrieved. Inside, another game bird. The closing, a feather. Retail: Upwards of $205.00. Our price: $184.90.

Y. Kaiser Wilhelm otherwise known as Willie, The German Shepherd Box. This wonderful dog is shown here as a youngster, his paws still heavy and not quite as slender as they will be when he gets a bit older. His head is noble and well shaped and his coat is handsome. The fur on his chest is done in relief and the feathering of the dark into the lighter color on his back is beautifully painted. His face is alert and the eyes startlingly realistic. German Shepherds were used extensively in the both World Wars as guard dogs and for search and rescue work They are used still as guard dogs and as dogs for the blind. They are extremely intelligent animals and can be trained to perform the task at hand ignoring all distractions. Retail: Upwards of $159.00. Our price: $143.90.

Z. Lana the Glamourous, Llasa Apso Box. Bred in Tibet and used as an inner guard dog at the palace of the Dali Llama, the breed remained in Tibet until 1935 when a pair was given as a gift to an American couple by the Dali Llama. They are small but sturdy and have an uncanny instinct for knowing friend from foe. They have a very regal air about them and seem to see themselves as large dogs with personality to match. It is said that when a Llasa looks in the mirror, he sees a lion. Our name for this one, of course, is because of her very long blond hair. Fortunately, ours does not require the grooming that a real Llasa requires. Lana is carrying a love letter in her mouth, inside the message, "I Wuv You", twined hearts for the clasp. Retail: Upwards of $169.00. Our price: $152.90. NEW and Gorgeous!

AA. Lady of the Lake, a Yellow Labrador Retreiver Box. At the waters edge just waiting for the retrieve command, this beautiful lady is alert and ready to work. Did you know that they often lie in the water while waiting to retreive? Around her all of the fauna that one finds in marshy areas. Inside, cat tails and ducklings, the clasp a swan. Retail: Upwards of $149.00. Our price: $134.90.

BB. Lancaster, The Black Labrador Retriever Box. This is the identical box as Item AA., the only difference being color. Retail: Upwards of $149.00. Our price: $134.90.

Note: Where there is only one price given we have been asked not to discount the piece.

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