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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Best of Breed (4)

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We have four new entries in our Kennel Club. All four are brand new versions that have not been shown prior to this last Gift Show and all are exceptional examples of their breed. Each is done with considerable detail in both the sculpting and painting of the box. In order to achieve this kind of detail several of the boxes have been made slightly larger than usual but in my opinion they are outstanding pieces. I hope that you will agree. The fifth fellow has been with us for a while, successfully, I must say.

P. Nana, The English Sheepdog Box. Is she adorable, or what? If you've ever known an English Sheepdog, and I have, then you know what lovable and fun dogs they are. Affectionate and playful and extremely intelligent. A bit difficult to groom but this one requires no grooming at all. And she doesn't shed either. They are an old breed, first appearing in England in the 1700's. They were bred for sheep herding and because they were meant to be out in all weather, they have very thick waterproof coats. The modeling of this animal is truly wonderful with the full texture of the coat able to be seen and felt as well as having a docked tail and one eye peeking out from under her heavy facial hair. Don't you love the little black nose and the tiny red tongue peeking out. She's brought her ball. She's ready to play. Are you? I named her Nana because in the story of Peter Pan, the children's nurse is Nana the sheepdog. Take her home. You will just love her. Retail: Upwards of $165.00. Our price: $148.90. Return of a great favorite!

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
Q. His name is Handsome, and he is The Best Looking of the Pugs Box. A beautifully done characterization of this animal. You can see the muscle play in the body and the way the hair grows on the body and in this particular color, fawn, the breed carries a black mask and a black line going up its back. The painted detail of the coat is so exact that you can see where the black hairs feather into the fawn coat. The interior of the ears are pink as are the interior of the nostrils. You can even see how the eyeballs protrude a bit. Exceedingly well done. A French bow for the clasp. Our price: $200.00.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
R. Meet H. Cabot Lodge the Boston Terrier Box. Born and bred in Boston, Massachusetts the breed has been registered since 1893, one of the first to be American bred. He is sometimes called "The American Gentleman" hence the name H. Cabot Lodge. The breed is very intelligent, agile, graceful and wonderfully warm with it's human family. They are easy to care for and don't require a lot of space. Perfect for living in Boston. As you can see, they have set him on a ground that is a reminder of the American Flag. Inside in gold, "The Boston Terrier" and the clasp is a gold star. Retail: About $167.00. Our price: $150.90.

S. Golda, The Golden Retriever Box. Isn't she the sweetest faced Golden you have ever seen? See how she sits at complete attention listening to every word said to her. She is a treasure and a fine example of her breed. Notice her facial expression, it is so perfectly done. The gentleness, loyalty and willingness of the breed shows in the stance and face of the animal. Inside, her biscuit, the clasp, the head of a Retriever. Our price: $155.90.

T. Ma Belle and Baby Belle, a Labrador Family Box. This is the first mother and child box we have ever had in dog boxes and it is charming. Baby Belle is the tiniest thing and just adorable and Ma Belle is a very concerned mother. They've ensconced themselves in a garden bed, notice the flowers around Ma Belle.and don't you love the way her forepaws are crossed? Just the way dogs really do it. What is so adorable about Baby Belle is that she is looking directly into her mother's face. So, so sweet. The clasp is a flower and inside is another, painted. Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90. Just arrived and très belle.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
U. Katherine of Aragon, The King Charles Spaniel Box. The breed originated in Spain, gained enormous favor with the French Royals and soon came to be more identified with the French than the Spanish. A gay, gentle fearless little animal who is admirably suited to family life. I named this little dog Katherine of Aragon because their lineage is similar. The real Katherine was the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain and became the Queen of England when she married Henry the Eighth. You can see from the pillow on which she lies that royalty is her due; the lovely pillow is done in shades of royal purple with gold cording. Inside the box, a biscuit and the clasp a flower. The box has been quilted along the lines of the cording. Retail: $307.00. Our price: $276.90.
(A customer of ours complained that the dog boxes do not have interesting bases. This one does.)

Note: Where there is only one price given we have been asked not to discount the piece.

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