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The Best of Breed 3

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K.This is Bollinger, the Champagne Colored Poodle Box.
Since I was naming him after a champagne I thought I would choose the best. Isn't he adorable with his pompom tail and his wonderfully stylish clip. What can you say about poodles except they have marvelous personalities, great senses of humor and are always ready for fun. You can see that he is poised and ready for whatever may come. He is standing in the middle of a garden bed so perhaps he is waiting to be chastised. The clasp is a French Bow. Retail: About $135.00. Our price: $121.90.

L. The Bichon Frise Box. Isn't she a charmer? The butterfly on her nose is so perfect, too. Bichons are such adorable dogs with wonderful dispositions. They just love to play, love to run, love to take long walks and make marvelous companions. I had a Bichon friend who used to walk the lake with me, when I lived on a lake, regularly. She had the greatest time chasing the ducks and squirrels. I miss her dreadfully now. She's gone on to chase the ducks and squirrels in a heavenly park. Retail: Upwards of $199.00. Our price: $179.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
M1. and M2. Our Very French Poodle Boxes, available in brown or black. Perfectly groomed and gorgeous. A French ribbon bow for the clasp and one of the leaves he was chasing, inside. Retail: Upwards of $185.00. Our price: $157.90.
NOTE: M1 is out of stock.

N. The Standard French Poodle Box. I've named her De Poitiers because Diane De Poitiers, the legendary French beauty, was as intelligent as she was beautiful and this animal certainly looks to have both of those qualities. Notice how bright eyed she is and how handsome her coat is. It pleased me that they had not shown this elegant animal clipped to within an inch of her life. Standards were originally bred for water retrieving and the heavy coat while giving them warmth made it difficult for the animal to perform in the water so they initiated the very close clip to increase their efficiency in the water with no regard for the embarrassment the animal suffered being deprived of her beautiful coat. A biscuit inside, painted and a French bow for the clasp. Retail: About $141.00. Our price: $127.90. Repeat Performance.

O. Meet Churchill the English Bull Dog Box. Doesn't he remind you of Winston Churchill? And the character description is just like Winston: suggestive of "great stability, vigor and strength with an equable and kind disposition; resolute and courageous, pacific and dignified." That could be a description of Winston Churchill, easily. He was all of those things just as this breed is all of those things. Come to think of it, many Englishmen are all of those things. Interesting how a dog is bred to fit into the social mores of a country. Inside, some of his toys and at his feet -- his teddy bear chew toy, painted. Retail: Upwards of $165.00. Our price: $148.90. From Pierre Arquie --the best of the makers for portraits of dogs and cats.

Meeting Monsieur Le Vicompte

A few years ago I was feeling in need of some "food for the soul" and, on impulse, I flew to Paris for a few days. It was October and the weather there was cool and crisp, lovely for walking and perfect for sitting in the park with a good book and, like the natives, enjoying the last of the sun's warmth. I chose my most favorite place in Paris, Le Jardin du Luxembourg. I spent an entire day strolling through the gardens, sitting in the quiet of the Medici pool alternately reading and watching the play of light and shadows on the water. I wandered over and watched a mixed group of young Parisians playing pick up basketball, and across the way, a foursome playing tennis. The carousel was already in it's winter garb and ghostly quiet.

Nearby was a clutch of kids playing with a smashing Brown Standard Poodle. He was big and beautiful and you could see that he knew it. That didn't stop him from running with the kids but he made it obvious that this was not his regular occupation. He carried himself with such style that I couldn't resist him so I spoke to him. He cocked his head and stood waiting. After a few moments I realized that he didn't understand me. French only, and with a proper accent, was spoken here. Can you imagine being "put down" by a dog? Even one called Monsieur le Vicomte?

A few minutes later a young American approached me and, holding his camera out to me, hesitantly asked, in English, if I could take his picture. I answered, "Oui, Monsieur" (in my best French accent) and reached for the camera. When the deed had been done, he thanked me. In French.

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