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seven dogs on this page, please pardon the long download

TPG The Best of Breed 2

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E. The Jack Russell Terrier Box. Such a bright eyed, energetic little dog and so smart. Really fun to have around. Inside, his kennel. His ball is the clasp. Retail: $165.00. Our price: $148.90.

F. The English Pug Box. He of the round head, short nose and very wrinkled neck. Some people, including Queen Victoria of England and The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, thought there was no better breed of dog. We have a customer who thinks the same.

F1. The Standing Pug
on a soft blue rug, his food bowl and dog bone inside. Retail: Upwards of $139.00. Our price: $125.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only
F2. The Crouching Pug on a white patterned rug, holding his very large bone, inside a doggy biscuit. Retail: $165.00. Our price: $148.90.

F3. The Sitting Pug.
On a pale pink rug, wearing a blue ribbon collar. Like the well behaved chap he is, waiting for his master's voice. Inside, his bed basket. Retail: Upwards of $139.00. Our price: $125.90.

G. Meet Charlie, The Wire Terrier Box. Isn’t he the sweetest thing?  The expression on his face and the way his head is cocked to one side -- just listening for his master’s voice -- what a dear little fellow he is!  This is a very intelligent breed, quick to learn and quick to respond to commands.  They are very alert, love to play and make excellent companions.  The face presents a boxy appearance in part due to the cut that is used when they are groomed.  The coat is wirey in texture and the undercoat is softer but very dense.  Originally bred in England, they were used to ferret out foxes when they were in their dens  Retail:  About $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
H. Meet Empress The Pekingese Box.
This is a first. I have never seen a Peke box ever before and when I saw this one I was delighted. The artist seems to have caught the breed nicely. According to the AKC the image projected should be "Lionlike, with implied courage, boldness and self esteem" rather than daintiness and delicacy. The breed has a temperament of combined regal dignity, self-importance, self-confidence and exasperating stubbornness but they make fine companions, lively and affectionate. Isn't it interesting that such a small dog should have such an overpowering sense of self. One cannot help but wonder what in the history of the breed gave them the gene that passed this trait down through the history of the breed. I know that they were the dogs of choice for the Emperors of China but how would a dog know that? Interesting question, isn't it? Notice the ears and the plumed tail resting over the back. Retail: Upwards of $165.00. Our price: $148.90. NEW and a great value.

I. Meet Rum Runner, The Saint Bernard Box. He's sitting in the snow with a full cask of brandy around his neck and he is ready for his next assignment. Inside, the Alps and a climbing instrument. The clasp, a Christmas tree. I don't recall having seen this particular clasp ever before, for those of you interested in unusual clasps. Retail: Upwards of 173.00. Our price: $156.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order only.
J. The Maltese Box.
Perfectly groomed and ready for the show ring. What a beautiful specimen of the breed. Around the base, all of the grooming accoutrement. The clasp is a scissors and inside, her hair ribbon. Did you know that a Maltese has hair that grows like a human's? Retail: Upwards of $203.00. Our price: $183.90.

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