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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Best of Breed 12

I wonder if you have noticed that the dog and cat boxes have improved greatly in the last couple of years. They are more faithful to the breed and the modeling has become really excellent as witnessed by the group of dogs I have gathered for you below.  Take a good  look and see if you don't agree.

RR.  Mini and Mo, The Black Labrador Mom and Puppy Box.  This mama and her adorable baby are doing just fine.  Aren't they the cutest things.  Notice how close the pup stays to her Mom and Mom has a very alert look on her face. She has her eyes open watching for any possible danger so she can protect her baby.  Labs are very gentle dogs with their pups and with young children and, interestingly, with older people as well.They have stable temperaments and make wonderful companions for young and old. alike  They are used a great deal in rescue work and as guide dogs which tells you exactly how stable they are.These two are lying on the grass with a few tiny flowers around the edge of the box.  Inside the box a bone, painted, and the clasp repeats the flowers bordering the box Retail:  About $181.00.  Our price: $163.90.

SS. Christy the Beagle Box, Christy is short for Christmas because I don't know of any breed that is merrier than  a Beagle.  They are so full of fun and so enamored of travel, and who travels more than Santa Clause?  So you see, there is more than one reason for naming this little guy Christy.  Beagles have the most wonderful dispositions and once they get past the first year or so they behave wonderfully.  The first year is not easy.  They chew their way through their home.  We had one for 15 years and the first year she attacked some fur rugs I had and killed them dead!  There wasn't much left when she finished with them.  She also had a few bouts with my leather breakfast room chairs and the chairs didn't come out it too well either but -- after that she was fine and never destroyed another thing. She was great on laundry day.  She distributed it around the house.  I never knew how she new my daughter's socks from my husband's socks but she always placed them on their pillows and she always got it right. Despite the early problems that dog was a joy to have as a family member. We all adored her and when she left us it was a sad day indeed..Retail:  About $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.

TT. Bonnie Prince Charles the Collie Box.  
A more regal looking dog would be hard to find.  Collies are so handsome with their deep frills covering their neck and chest and their finely chiseled facial features giving them such an air of ranking royalty!  One of the most beautiful of all breeds, the collie is beautiful in character as well.  Loyalty is a major characteristic in the breed, they love their family.  They are extremely intelligent, easy to train and watch over their charges with great care.  Remember the motion picture Lassie?  Our collie came to us when he was just 10 weeks old.  He loved sitting in my daughter's lap and before too long had passed it was hilarious to see this large dog trying to climb on to the lap of a 7 year old.  He was so much bigger than she.  He finally figured out that he could sit next to her but not on her lap and he would squeeze into what ever little space there was alongside her, gently moving her over until he was comfortably established. She was his love and when she was home he was at her side all of the time.  A great breed of dog for a family with children!  The box is faithful to the breed appearance and the dog is alert looking and in a stance that is typically collie.  He is standing on a stone pathway surrounded by grass.  Inside the box, sheep! painted. Collies are great sheep herding dogs and used for that in many countries.  The clasp is unimportant to the box.  Retail: $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

UU. Christian of Denmark, the Great Dane Box.   
This massive dog is generally at least 30 inches at the shoulders and for showing purposes should be at least 32 inches for a male. They are graceful with a long stride and move rapidly having a powerful, well muscled body. Did you know they call him the Apollo of dogs? They make wonderful companions but require a lot of attention.  I  imagine they would be pretty difficult to ignore if they wanted your attention.  They have excellent dispositions, friendly, well mannered, dependable and courageous.  They come in a variety of colorings:  brindle, fawn, blue, black, harlequin and mande, a black and white with particular requirements in markings.  (His name, by the way, is for the 9 Kings of Denmark who were named Christian.)  Inside the box, his choke collar and chain lead.  Retail: About: $191.00.  Our price: $171.90.

VV. Agathon, The Afghan Hound Box.  
The breed was first discovered in Afghanistan in the 19th century, originally bred in the mountainous countryside of that country.  It came to the US first in 1926.  According to the AKC  -- it's luxurious, silky, long haired coat requires daily and constant grooming on an everyday basis otherwise it looks like--and these are my words not the AKC's, the beard of Ben Laden, long, messy and ugly.I t mats easily so I hope that they who are owners of this breed, are into hairdressing for their animals.  I strongly suggest, if you are an Afghan lover, that you consider the porcelain version rather than the live version. It doesn't require much grooming at all.  Our hound is lying down with his tail tucked out of sight but it is very narrow and not particularly long and when in show stance it curls high up over the animals back.  He is dressed in long full pantaloons of his silky hair, his ears come down to his shoulders when he is standing and are also covered in long silky hair, and for some reason he is a very foppish and elegant looking gentleman.  Inside is his grooming brush , painted, and the clasp is the comb.Retail:  About  $186.00.  Our price: $167.90.

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