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Best of Breed 11

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It's been a while since there have been any new dog boxes made and suddenly I am finding some wonderful new boxes, each one really special. The breeds represented here have, for the most part, appeared before in our catalog, but these boxes were so faithful to each breed and so well done that I thought we had to have them.

NN 1.  Meet Sneezy The Schnauzer Box.  I named him that because he is a Pepper and Salt Schnauzer.  His coloring is white with black banded hairs which, overall, make him look like a mixture of pepper and salt.  The breed is originally German and very old.  There are paintings that show Schnauzers as early as the 15th and 16th centuries.  They were working dogs originally, rat catchers and yard guard dogs.  As late as the 1920's they were still being used in Germany as guard dogs for farmer's carts when they went to market.  They are very intelligent and learn quickly but they must be well trained.  By nature they are mischievous so they require a firm hand.  This handsome fellow is sitting on a variation of a Burbury Pillow and wearing a collar that matches it. Inside are his bed and a biscuit. The clasp is a bow.  Don't you love his eyebrows?  Retail:  About $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.

NN 2.  Meet Black Jack The Schnauzer Box.  
Isn't he the spiffy looking fellow? A gorgeous jet black coat and that same look as his friend just above has, "Are you speaking about me?" You can see that is what he is thinking.  By the way, according to the AKC, Schnauzers only come in the two shown colors.  Any other coloration would be disqualified in a show.  (I always laugh when I read something like that. Do they expect you to toss out your much loved dog because he doesn't meet their standards?  Who cares?  Certainly not I.) Excepting for color everything on this box is the same as above.  Retail: About $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.

OO.  Meet King Charles the English Toy Spaniel Box.  
Regal looking and slightly aloof in appearance but  actually a friendly  and loving breed.  They make wonderful pets and have appeared in dozens of paintings of English nobility as if they were members of the family, usually being held on someone's lap.  Their coat flows like a royal cloak, long, silky and elegant.  Inside the box, his cushion and the clasp is a crown.  His name, King Charles, actually is the name given the breed when it has this coloration.  Retail: About $195.00.  Our price: $175.90.

PP. Meet Willie, The West Highland White Terrier Box, aka a Westie.  
The Westie is a small dog, 10 inches high is the norm, but he is a ball of fire.  He is very sure of himself and just knows that everyone is going to love him and they always do.  He is very alert, intelligent and courageous.  Nothing daunts him.  Here he is investigating a gift wrapping that he spotted in his master's study and has invited himself into it.  He is irresistible, isn't he?  Inside the box, his bone.  Retail:  About $195.00.  Our price: $175.90.

QQ. Meet Jack, The Parson Russell Terrier Box,
known to some of you as a Jack Russell Terrier.  Look at the expression on his face.  You can see that he is saying, "Don't you recognize me?  I am the same little guy that you knew as a Jack Russell but they've gone and changed my name!" In April of 2003 the Jack Russell Terrier Association requested a name change for the breed and it was granted by the AKC so now the breed is called the Parson Russell Terrier.  Still the same affectionate little fellow that he always was; bright, alert and smart as a whip!  He loves to play and he will come and get you if you don't go looking for  him when it is his playtime. Inside, a doggy biscuit.  Retail:  About $197.00. Our price: $176.90.

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