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Our kennel has grown once again and this time we have several new breeds as well as some that we had before. If we are not showing a dog that we had at an earlier time, don't be concerned, we can get it for you. We are still of the mind that a dog is a dog and should look like what he purports to be, i.e. no eyelashes, no human smiles. Our dogs must be doing what comes naturally to dogs. By the way, a customer sent us the spelling for Schipperke and we learned something, which is always nice, but we still can't find a box for the breed so for those of you who asked about that particular breed, we're sorry. The makers just don't make Schipperkes.

I'd like to talk about the appearances of the breeds that are made. A number of people have remarked that our dogs don't always look exactly like their pet, either markings are different or the confirmation of the Limoges dog is not exactly as that of the customer's dog. Artoria, our major supplier of dogs, uses the illustrations from an encyclopedia of dogs as the models for their boxes. The boxes are a faithful reproduction of those illustrations. It must be remembered that every dog of one breed is not exactly as every other dog of that breed. Even if the dog is a purebred animal, there are still variations because that's nature. They are always trying to improve the breeds and if all of our dogs were perfect specimens of their breeds then there would be no need to have dog shows to find the champions of each breed. We would each have a pet that was a champion. Too, you have to remember that a sculptor is making the original model for the box and that an artist is painting it. Something of each person who works on the original box goes into making the box that results from their efforts, so naturally there will be slight differences. Please understand that these are first artistic endeavors and then representations of the breed. Having said all of that, let's "Put on The Dog".

A. Variations on the theme of a Cocker Spaniel Box.
Sorry, the following item is by Special Order only.

A1. The Cocker Spaniel Puppy Box.
He's chunky and has large paws and such a sweet face. The clasp is his ball and inside his chew bone. Retail: Upwards of $155.00. Our price: $131.90. NEW

A2.  The Wire Fox Terrier Box.  The finest version of this breed that I have seen —he is perfection!  Always on the alert with a keen facial expression this breed is ready for anything at the slightest provocation.  He moves as though on tiptoe, very agile with quick, sharp movements.  Inside — his bone, dimensional and removable and his ball, painted. Another excellent animal portrait from Pierre Arquie.   Retail:  About $187.00.  Our price: $168.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
A3. The "Don't Leave Me" Cocker Spaniel Box. If you have owned a dog then you know the plaintive look on this animals face. His eyes are so sad it makes me weepy just to see his sadness. Obviously his master is about to leave; the Burburry umbrella, the attaché case and that animal's sad, sad face all tell the story. I want to say, "Don't cry sweetie, he'll be back soon. He's not leaving you. Don't worry." The coloring on this box is very smart. It's a great box for a man's den. Inside the box is his leash, painted, and the clasp is an airplane. That tells the rest of the story. Retail: About $223.00. Our price: $202.90. Just arrived

A4.  Meet Pepper, a Black and White Cocker Spaniel Box.  This little guy has that “Take me out for a run” look on his face.  You know the way they look at you and you just know that they are trying to tell you something. I always want to pick them up, give them a hug and tell them not to worry, I will take care of them, when they get that look on their faces.  All domestic animals have that same kind of of soulful look that they give you.  At the least it deserves a hug.  This little fellow is just a beauty, very life like and very well done.  Pierre Arqui is the maker and  many of our very best dog and cat boxes are his work.  Isn’t this one a charmer? Inside a ribbon that he won at the last dog show on which he participated, painted.  You can tell he’s a champion from his stance.  Retail:  About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

B. Meet Rum Runner, The Saint Bernard Box. He's sitting in the snow with a full cask of brandy around his neck and he is ready for his next assignment. Inside, the Alps and a climbing instrument. The clasp, a Christmas tree. I don't recall having seen this particular clasp ever before, for those of you interested in unusual clasps. Retail: Upwards of 173.00. Our price: $156.90.

C. The Basset Hound Box. He of the long body, the short legs and the long ears. No wonder he has such sad eyes. That's a lot for any body to bear. Actually, he's happy. His tail is up and ready to wag because he knows he's going to a good home. Inside, his yard, with a split rail fence. That fence isn't going to stop him from his wanderings. Retail: Upwards of $159.00. Our price: $143.90. NEW

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
C1. Meet Queen Bess, The Basset Hound Box.
Although we already had a perfectly fine Basset in our kennel I could not pass this marvelous depiction of the breed. This is one of the finest dog boxes I have seen. The modeling and the painting are superb. The head on this dog is remarkable. Notice the detail in the folds of the ears, how exact the head and face are in shape, and particularly notice the eyes and how they are painted. I have never seen more soulful eyes in a Limoges box specimen. Also notice the chest fur and how it is layered and the sitting position of the dog, which is such a typical position for this breed. I have always noticed that they do not sit the way other dogs do. Their rump is always turned. And speaking of the rump; look at the painting and how it has been feathered in so perfectly. An outstanding piece. Inside the box her master's slippers, painted. The clasp, a hunting horn. Quite unusual. Retail: Upwards of $175.00. Our price: $157.90.

D. The Dachshund Box. He of the very long body, very short legs, very long nose and very soulful eyes.
D1. In black, sitting on a blue cushion in his wicker basket, his lead inside. Retail: Upwards of $149.00. Our price: $134.90.

D2. In brown, sitting on a green base, his lead inside. Retail: $149.00. Our price: $134.90.

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updated 21 Feb 2000
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