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Best Friends
To me my friends make up the best parts of my life.  There is little that is more important to me than they are. Over the years we have shared long history that binds us together and we see each other as our chosen families. Looking back no one, excepting perhaps my husband, was ever kinder or more thoughtful or more caring than my friends; not blood relations, not marriage relations.  I have had these same friends for more than 35 years now and a couple for more than 60 years.  I don’t think of them just as friends, they are my real family, my chosen family and there is nothing they could ask of me that I wouldn’t do my darnedest to do for them or give them and I know that they do the same for me on a constant basis. We all know that we can count on each other to do whatever is necessary and we all do it willingly and happily because we love and respect each other.  Unusual?  Perhaps.  Wonderful?  You bet! When I saw this box I thought how  appropriate it was as a gift for some of my friends.  It expresses my feelings that nothing they could ask of me or ask me for, including the moon and the stars, would be too much.

The Moon and The Stars Box.  Our price: $135.90.

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