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Best Friends

Today, in the mail, I received a remarkable little publication called "Best Friends". Printed on the least costly paper and put together as inexpensively as possible, it was not very prepossessing but what captured me was that underneath the title, "Best Friends" it said "Animal Sanctuary". I read it cover to cover and wept as I read. These wonderful people have founded a home for unloved, uncared for and unwanted animals in Kanab, Utah. They have thousands of animals there, cats, dogs, horses, birds, sheep, rabbits; healthy animals and also animals that are ill, or injured or feral. They never say no to taking an animal and they never permit an animal to be put down simply because no one wants it. People and Animal Shelters all over the country send or bring them animals and they accept them all. They have a regular staff and they have volunteers who come from all over the country to spend a few days providing helping hands for the care and feeding of all of these animals.

The physical layout of this animal heaven on earth is like a tiny city with a section for dogs called Dogtown Heights where they house currently more than 650 dogs in inside-outside shelters so that the animals have runs and their little snuggle -up places and feeding spots, another of much the same for cats called Kittyville, that also houses more than 650 animals, a Bunny House, a Horse Haven, an area for Wild and Feathered Friends, pastures for the horses and burros and on and on.

They feed these animals with literally tons of dry kibble and moist food via a kitchen staff that prepares the food and portions it and then it is carried by small pickups to the sections it is meant for and the animals are fed right in their little villages. They use, just for the dogs, 10 tons of dry kibble and 7800 tins of moist food a month and for the cats 1 ton of dry food, 4875 tins of moist food and 250 pounds of special diet food each month.

They have Best Friends Animal Clinic with a Veterinarian in attendance and a spaying and neutering team that is a mobile unit traveling all of Utah providing a low cost neutering program for the public.

A. Best Friends, The Musicians of Bremen Box. From the old Fairy Tale "Musicians of Bremen"-- the donkey,the dog, the cat and the cock giving each other a lift. Nothing inside and a simple clasp. Our price: $247.90.

B. Best Friends, Three Blind Mice Box. From the children's nursery rhyme--three blind mice giving each other a hand. Artoria's version of an old familiar roundelay. Inside, the carving knife,painted, and the clasp another knife. Retail: About $213.00. Our price: $192.90. Encore performance. We had this box several years ago and it still is great!

C. Best Friends, Benton and Buster Giving Each Other the Eye Box. Isn't this the cutest thing! How many times I have seen my animals in this exact pose. Our price: $172.90.

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